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Jak vyrobit DCP v domácích podmínkách? // recept krok za krokem za pomoci OpenDCP // (czech only) SRT or TXT subtitles to XML or PRTL converter (PHP script) // PHP script to convert SRT (or TXT) subtitles to Final Cut XML or Adobe // Premiere CC PRTL files Adobe Premiere CC PRTL files structure // these brief remarks are result of my exploration of Adobe Premiere CC PRTL // subtitle format, since there is no official documentation Eliminating H.264 bitrate peaks with Handbrake // how to limit peak bitrate, so the screening computer won't stuck SRT + WMV -> WMV howto // how to hardcode .srt subtitles into a wmv file How to convert Avid DNxHD mov to AppleProres mov on MacOS X? // while avid DNxHD codecs for QuickTime are crashing Sony EX-1 and EX-3 picture profiles // hints for PP settings Jak natahovat materiál Sony XDCAM? // czech only Convert subtitles in CSV to SRT (php script) // CSV subtitles are produced by great // Michael's Cinquin's online subtitle tools // which are able to convert and import subtitles from/to FCP


spam template - sent instead of message // %variables visible


modify sitemap_gen.pl // How to modify sitemap.xml.gz generator to notify bing and other search // engines? "Reset Safari" doesn't really clean all the cookies // and how to make it to


Panasonic DVR disk data rescue // how-to extract videofiles from disk removed from a recorder Thinkpad X230 suspend/resume under FreeBSD 11.1 // system settings Iomega Raid JBOD crash & recovery // recovery guide WD My Passport Edge disk very slow access - recovery // recovery log & hints TEAC HD-35 LANDisk NS+ firmware // network-attached storage disk - firmware how-to SYNOLOGY DS 108j NAS // network-attached storage - reverse engenering, how does it work


russian2entity.phps // transcodes russian characters (written in windows-1251 encoding) // stored in windows-1250 document to html entity


FreeBSD geli zfs mirror add drives boot problem solution // how to avoid boot problems when adding more drives to zfs geli-encrypted // pool magic command lines // various command line tricks kung-fu příkazové řádky (czech) // slidy k workshopu na famu Johanka: Pohádky z příkazové řádky (cz) // ikonický text johanky spoustové o základech unixu, vhodný pro začátečníky // vylovený a updatovaný z archivní kopie patch-ezmlm-make.c // ezmlm patch // preklad programu ezmlm do cestiny How to make Mac OS X well-behaved unix system // clean installation && // installation of open source software under command line Mac OS X 10.7 system drive full disk encryption with FileVault2 // Full disk encryption of system drive in Mac OS X 10.7 // using Terminal (CLI) and FileVault2 OTHER // index.old.html -- obsolete // older texts (2002, czech) ---- > Klokánkova Homepage (czech)