How to convert Avid DNxHD mov to AppleProres mov on MacOS X?

I was given a FullHD mov in Avid DNXHD for post-production in Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Color. Since Avid Codecs LE codecs for QuickTime made all my QuickTime applications crash (Compressor on startup, FCP 6.x while trying to import the file) and I didn't want to leave my PowerPC machine (still working, and sufficient for FullHD post-processing, isn't it?), I had to return to command line (bless the console), which worked well. The tool, which works well is ffmpeg, the first tool for video editing, I ever used, long long time ago in computer prehistory, even before I had GUI. 1] First, if you still don't have MacPorts installed, install macports. For this, you'll need 'developers tools', which are part of optional package on Installation DVD of MacOS X. You'll find a lot of ports usable even for the other stuff and it will make your mac a well-behaved Unix with compiler and developer libraries & tools. 2] Make port library up-to date. Under the Terminal (application/utilities) enter: sudo port selfupdate 3] Install port ffmpeg. Since standard ffmpeg in ports repository is not the last version, install ffmpeg-devel, which is (unstable) cutting edge. sudo port install ffmpeg-devel 4] Convert. The magic line for conversion DNXHD to PRORES is: ffmpeg -i -vcodec prores -profile 3 -acodec pcm_s24le Where profile number means: 0 - prores proxy 1 - prores lt 2 - prores sq 3 - prores hq If your shell (tcsh, bash, whatever) doesn't see the ffmpeg command, restart it: bash or rehash the command cache in case of tcsh: tcsh 5] You can play with ffmpeg options (particulary "-profile"), whose can by displayed using: ffmpeg --help or man ffmpeg It can convert many video formats to many others. And it's free. Commercialy sold tools for conversion are often just GUI for ffmpeg. ---(*$*)--- Comments? Binary Sxizophreny - index of comp related stuff Kangaroo's Homepage (czech)