My second try to get a NAS for backups and a music fileserver. Original firmware: DSM 2.0-0640. some basic system info: * backing up possible via rsync from linux, mac os x, and windows * based on mpc8241 PowerPC processor with 32 MB of physical memory * ssh & telnet access possible (even for admin) * user admin has root privileges * web administration interface runs on port 5000 (redirected from 80) * standard shell is 'ash', busybox used for most management commands hostname> uname -a Linux hostname 2.4.22-uc0 #639 Sat Jun 21 00:38:09 CST 2008 ppc unknown Install ======= To install a system on a new drive, download Synology Assistant. This tool will detect any Synology drive on a local network and allow to install a operating system (called DSM) from a .pat file. Synology Asssistant will create an admin account, set up ip address of device, format the drive and install DSM. DSM and updates available at synology site. "Firmware" (=system) upgrade is smooth, mac os x users can have a tiny problem, when extracting the upgrade (.pat) file from an .zip archive in finder -- the decompressor starts to extract even the .pat file and delete it as an "intermediate", cancel the operation after the .pat is extracted. During installation, it splices disk into a two partitions: /dev/hda1 2.3G in size mounted on / -- which is system disk /dev/hda3 the rest, which is for files, mounted on /volume1 although the system drive is 2.3 GB, only a tiny part (183MB) is occupied by the system. hostname> uname -a Linux hostname 2.4.22-uc0 #844 Tue Apr 21 22:47:38 CST 2009 ppc unknown SSH === Log in into Synology Diskstation using web browser (type in ip address of a device) and under Control Panel > Terminal enable SSH. You can log in: ssh admin@ipaddress Binary packages =============== to install binary packages is necessary to install an ipkg bootstrap then you can install package optware-devel, which is basicly all the stuff needed to compile your own software (make etc...) both the processes are fairly described in project's wiki login as root (password same as admin) ssh root@hostname hostname> cd /volume1/@tmp hostname> wget // on DSM 4.0 you will have to comment out path in /root/.profile vi /root/.profile // comment out path and export path lines hostname> sh ds101-bootstrap_1.0-4_powerpc.xsh // installs ipkg // on DSM 4.0 you have to manually install libidn wget /opt/bin/ipkg install libidn_1.19-1_powerpc.ipk reboot comment in PATH in /root/.profile add /opt/bin and and /opt/sbin BEFORE /usr/syno/bin install wget manually: wget ipkg install wget_1.12-2_powerpc.ipk hostname> ipkg list // gives list of all binary packages available hostname> ipkg update // update ipkg database hostname> ipkg list // list packages possible to install hostname> ipkg upgrade // upgrade what might be new hostname> ipkg install tcsh // you can then also install yours favourite tools hostname> ipkg install optware-devel // installs optware tools for compiling from source EOF Comments? Binary Sxizophreny - index of comp related stuff Kangaroo's Homepage (czech)