SRT + WMV -> WMV howto

To hardcode subtitles (closed captioning) made in Subtitle Workshop (.srt) into WMV (Windows Media Wideo) file was a whole-night job of experimenting with all the possibilities. ProCoder, Apple Compressor and Final Cut went impotent, as well as I went when trying to install Mencoder on MacOs X from ports. Finally, this Windows-based freeware solution worked out: 0. Make subtitles in Subtitle Workshop as usually and export them in SRT (SubRipper) format. // 1. install virtualdub-mpeg2 and a wmv plugin // 2. to import WMV video into it, you need video for windows codec for wmv3 (DirectX codecs not suficient) // 3. to hardcode a .srt subtitles into any video in virtualdub you need a plugin called textsub (part of vobsub package) // // (don't forget to select optional textsub plugin during installation) 4. open source WMV file in virtualdub 5. add subtitles Video -> Filters -> Add... -> TextSub, open an .srt file and fine-tune rendering settings // (this version DOES have problem with utf-8 encoded subtitles -- convert // them to ANSI using notepad and "Save As..." choosing "Encoding: ANSI") 6. preview if subtitles are nice 7. export uncompressed .AVI (File -> Save as AVI...) (gonna be huge file - several GB) 8. recompress the .AVI file with ProCoder, as usually EOF Comments? Binary Sxizophreny - index of comp related stuff Kangaroo's Homepage (czech)