Fun: Spambot sent template instead of message itself

Probably broken spambot sent me this template instead of 'personalised' message. %VARIBLES visible. Spam correctly targeted for czech language (by .cz TLD). Variable %CZECH_PRIVET suggests russian origin, PRIVET is russion word for "Hi". ------------------------------------------- From: To: Subject: %CZECH_SUBJ X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (10B143) %CZECH_PRIVET %RANDOM_BR %CZECH_2 %CZECH_3 na to, na co opravdu potrebujete rychle a %CZECH_4.%RANDOM_BR %CZECH_5 z\355skat %CZECH_6 pr\355mo na %CZECH_7 \372cet.%RANDOM_BR %CZECH_8 %RANDOM_BR [1]%CZECH_9 %RANDOM_BR %CZECH_10 References Visible links 1. file:///tmp/%CZECH_URL -------------------------------- EOF Comments requested ~~~~~~~~~ Binary Sxizophreny - index of comp related stuff Kangaroo's Homepage (czech)