Now we have no right
So we put up the fight
The brain of government
Is just makin' me uptight
Y'all stop corrosion
I make explosion
You drive me up a wall
As you're thumbin' The Ocean
Give me my soul
Then I won't shoot you a goal
I ain't nothin' so bad
In my eyes I got a black hole
So give me my dreams
Even though I know it seems
That I'm just a crazy man
And I know it seems like this

WAR Fight for your right in
WAR Fire the lightning
WAR War is the wall
WAR But I ain't live in a war

So they just make me upset
As I give up the set
When they don't understand
Better is to give and not to get
I'm walkin' in space
And they don't give me a place
The life and all about
Is a motherfuckin' race
I ain't nothin' so bad
And I didn't wanna get mad
I feel like I'm on knees
And I feel like I'd be sad
But they still resume sayin'
That we all have got to pay
The bill they owe us
And so now we gotta scream NO WAY

WAR My friends will die in
WAR They will shoot you down in
WAR I wanna fuck them all
WAR 'Cause I ain't live in the war

I don't wanna lose my worth
I don't wanna lose my insight
I don't wanna lose my nerve
I don't wanna lose my heart
I don't wanna lose mu soul
I don't wanna lose my friends
I don't wanna lose my family
I don't wanna lose it all
In a fuckin' war

Don't break dreams down
Y'all kings without a crown
As I see ya makin' laws
I must laugh 'cause you are clowns
Make up your mind
I can see, although I'm blind
That you make us go crazy
You make go mad mankind
You are still the same
And I give up to blame
'Cause I know that all you done
You done for a fame
You'll never know
Who are we
You'll never see me in your army
You'll never ever see me in the army