Blood on your hands about to blast
You're calm at first but silly at last
Like an event thru tha TV camera's eyes
I'm sick of propaganda by the war-defenders
What ya saw on your screen on S26
Just a well-paid censored bouncers mix
But you believe
But you still believe
Pocket full of money is the sign of a thief
For tha profits of profits in the name of a stand-by
Obey the puppets in their own greedy land
To be proud to be devoted or whatever they say
Burning issues - people give in these days
I said me is me
Who's gonna capture my me
A life on my knees is my only nightmare enemy
Central power sounds like a fascist tone
Enough is enough at the end of the dawn, c'mon

Forced to take up the proper attitude
Soul terror in the soul-drained era
Ego is the target of empty hearts
Bow down to the slime full of credit cards
I'm not a zero from the East
Yea, I'm just ready to resist wit' a fist in the air
And it's comin' through
Big brother is watchin' you

Guilty! Guarded!
(yea I know the worth of play)

Word for word my voice disturbes
'Cause the silent word is not to be heard
Submission hurts
Now hear my call
I'm tha worst muthafucka to be under control
Empty faces waitin' for a smack
Another peace-fighting cops' attack
Banging mass of acts to reclaim
And the halls of fame based on shame


Until we always tell the truth we'll never kill the lie
Until we stop believing in liers we'll never stop crying

Until we break the invisible shackles we'll never ever be free
Until we tear the bend down of eyes we will never see
What's under the peel