My thought's like a fire
My words bomb heads
Of those who control our future, thoughts and facts
No compromise wit' your disguise
The ignorance still builds the lies
That my ears are pressed to hear
No fear, no fear
And put tha machine out of gear
I'll write it all on the truncheon wall
Wanna know how high it is?
Ask the Police
The suckers are gonna rape your peace
Wit' scenes of their schemes not seen on SCRN screen
Attackin' brains, stealin' our names
Rebel against the game
Burn passivity to flames
Bitter rhyme...
Yea, the rhythm's gonna get into your veins
Gotta do what I gotta do
No longer bound in chains
Gotta yell, gotta amplify but never ever bolt
The mike in my hands demands:
Check 'em out and revolt!

Wit' a mind full of freedom fire
The mind yearnin' for waken
The mind ready for rebellion that must be taken

A portrait of Che on the wall
Reminds us revolutionaries never fall
Be fussing and fighting like Marley said
My home in a riot zone
Tears are shed
We are dead but gonna always rise again
And again and again
And this will never end
Down with the R-U-L-E-S
Put tha middle finger in the air to rules of distress
To structure built on basis wrong but so strong
Sing this song
Shut 'em down
Come along
The place we dwell should be named a cell
The education system teaches us to be for sale
The status quo is so-called logical
Whether I disapprove they call me a radical
I'd rather be radical than a silent coward
Remember 1968
Yea, what a world!


The world reality is drawn in a lake
Of misunderstanding, the fraud, the fake
Now it's the time to fuck the dogma
Or stand in line and forget about ourselves
We're locked in a cage full of ratty smell
So we must stand up and break the human cell
Keep the insight of your radical mind
And bring the light back to mankind