Pretty shitty street
Concrete's tha place where are born
Street gangs
Youngsters fight
Until they're ripped and torn
The stage of human rage
Commin' up straight to human violence
Reached the point where we love to kill
They'll shoot you down in silence

You and me, my brotha
Feel tha wicked world
My anger aims at you
Politicians fool
Briebin' courts
Crime directs the mind
Of this motherfuckin' mass
Yo. Death in a race
Give it up. This world is endless crime

Full of crime
World of crime
Dont' cross dead line

Call 158
A gat is on my head
Bang, bang. Too late...
My mouth is full of red blood
Fake to cake
Chill out
No way, it's doom
But I don't wanna die in last cup
But I don't wanna mess the room up

Life's worthless
Tha raped souls are still goin' on streets
I'm sick
But my hatred's on my microphone
I don't kill those people I don't like, though
I guess that's all 'cause of
Wrong state of our fuckin' mind
Ill mind


Now we gotta find a solution
Against human pollution
Against stuff of rage in hands of kids
Against crime evolution
For a lust we can kill
But remember we'll gotta pay the bill
We don't make anything to change this world
'Cause we are freaky ill
A bullet's in my head
It hurts
It gets me to die
They deal with The Eminence of Death
Violation human feeling is more important
Than the Human Rights value
So the world's dyin' inside
And the next is you
Now death, rape, kill, pain
Murder, blood, insane
Homicide means nothing
And nothing is what we feel
'Cause violence is a dope
We're hateful to kill appeal