1. Your father wants you to help him building a new house for your family. This work will be very long and very hard and your father is a harsh task master. At the same time your uncle, a merchant, wants you to accompany him on a trip to a distant and exotic city. Will you…
a: +St +To -Le -Pe …help your father with all your skill in order to further the welfare of your family, despite missing the opportunity to see new marvels and wonders?
b: +St +Pe -Wi -Ch …help your father with all your skill until your uncle departs and then accompany him?
c: +Le -Ch …feign to work hard although you actually only do what is necessary to appear hard working?
d: +Le +Wi -St -Ch …accompany your uncle, ignoring the pleads of your father?
2. In your childhood slaves were forced to work in your neighborhood. Many of the slaves were too young, too old or too weak to work effectively. The forcemasters mistreated them and abused them all the time. Will you…
a: +St +Wi +To -Le -Ch -Ap …help them personally, trying to lessen the worst chores the slaves face and bring them food and water whenever you can do so without being noticed?
b: +Le -Ch …ignore their pains because bringing them food and water only would prolong their suffering?
c: +Le +Wi -St -To …ask the taskmasters if a couple of silver pieces would allow you to take some of the slaves home to you to do the hard work you are obliged to do for your family?
d: +St +To +Ch --Ma …ask the taskmasters if a couple of silver pieces would allow you to take some of the slaves home to you to do the hard work you are obliged to do for your family… and then do those hard chores yourself so that the slaves can recover a bit?
3. You and your friends pass a lot of time fighting among each other… not seriously but to test your strength, cunning and physical prowess. Will you…
a: +St +Dx +To -Le -Ch -Ma …train hard in order to be the best of them all, even if this means that you will have less time for other activities?
b: +Le +Dx -Wi -Ch …try to win with dirty tricks so that you won't have to train to stand up against them and prove yourself?
c: ++Ma -St -Dx …let fate decide who is the best among you?
d: +Ma ++Pe -St -To -Ch …avoid those physical challenges in case you start to lose too often?
4. In cold winters lots of wood is needed to keep your home warm. In the vicinity of your home there is a sacred grove that never was touched by your family. Two hours away, up a steep hill, is a forest, where your family used to fetch wood for centuries. Will you…
a: +St -Pe …fetch the fire wood from the far hills in order to keep in line with the traditions of your family, even if this means more hard work for you?
b: +Wi -Ma …fetch the fire wood out of the sacred grove because it's less work and allows you to spend more time on other things?
c: +Le -St …risk some cold nights because it's too much work to fetch the wood from the far hills and you don't want to anger the gods by taking it from the sacred grove?
d: +St +To -Le -Ch …fetch lots of wood from the far hills during summer, even at the risk of not having enough time for your other chores, because this will allow you to have a large enough storage for the cold winter nights?
5. Your grandfather always taught you to hone your mental skills and tried to further your development in this respect. Will you…
a: ++Le -To -Ch …honor his wishes and learn with the wise ones of your clan?
b: +Le +Ma -To -Ch …honor his wishes and learn with the priests of your clan?
c: +Le +Dx +Pe -Wi -Ch -Ap …honor his wishes and study nature with the rangers of your clan?
d: no changes …ignore his wishes and do something else?
6. When exploring a long-forgotten shed in the woods on a very cold night, you discover a chest with many ancient books and parchment scrolls. Will you…
a: +Le +Wi -To -Ch …take some time and study the texts despite the cold weather and the dark night?
b: +To -Le …burn the texts to heat the shed in order to get comfortable sleep?
c: +Le +Ch -Dx -Pe …take the scrolls and books back to your home in order to study them a bit and then sell them to the local merchants?
d: +Dx -Le …ignore your findings in order to get back home quickly and find a warm place?
7. You are offered two jobs on your first trip to the biggest city in your home country. The local library wants you help the old librarian to catalog dozens of new books and texts. The local stable owner wants you to help him train three spirited young colts. Will you…
a: ++Le -Dx -To …accept the job in the library because it allows you to learn while cataloguing the books?
b: +Ma -Pe …accept the job in the library because it probably is better-paid than the job with the stable owner?
c: +Dx -Le …accept the job with the stable owner because horses are so much more exciting than books?
d: +Wi +Dx -To -Ma …accept the job with the stable owner because you cherish the thought of mastering the art of training horses a lot more than studying books?
8. Your favorite teacher discovers you while you try to cheat in a test of prowess. He is very angry about you and refuses to teach you anymore. Since this was the first time and you really want him to teach you, you are horrified by this. Will you…
a: ++Wi -Le -Ch …try to convince him that you are a worthy student and that you will repent in whatever way he wants, no matter how long it will take to appease him?
b: +Pe -Wi …try to find another better teacher because you just would waste your time trying to appease him?
c: +Dx +Pe -Le -Wi …stop your learning efforts since you probably know enough and could make better use of your time in different pursuits?
d: +Le -Ch …try to learn more from a friend of yours who still is taught by the master, avoiding any further confrontation with the master himself?
9. While crossing a ford on a well-known road you slip and break your leg. You muster all your strength to reach the shore. Your leg is badly hurt and you can't travel fast enough to reach a safe place before dawn. Will you…
a: +To -Le …call for help hoping that a traveller will come to your aid?
b: ++Wi -Dx -To …try to crawl to a safe place, risking further harm to your leg?
c: ++Ma -Le -Wi …pray to the gods and wait?
d: +Dx -To …try to stabilize your leg with some branches and wait for travellers?
10. You have been training with weapons for some time. Your master believes that you are still too young to be succesful as a warrior and wants you to wait for a couple of years before you resume your combat training. Will you…
a: +Le -Dx …agree with him and wait for a couple of years before resuming your training?
b: ++Wi +To --Le -Ap …train harder and longer to prove your determination and worth to him?
c: +Le +Dx --Ch …learn a few dirty tricks from an older friend to make up for your lack of physical talent?
d: +Le +Pe --Wi …stop your combat training completely in order to try your talents in other areas?
11. At one point you fall deeply into love. Your beloved refuses your advances and does not seem to be interested. Will you…
a: ++Wi -Le -Ch …continue your advances because perseverance can overcome a lack of love?
b: +Ma +Pe -Wi -Ch …stop your advances because there are so many other wonderful people out there?
c: +Dx +Ma -Wi -Ch …admit defeat and never again show your feelings to another person because they will hurt you again?
d: +Le -Ma …discuss your feelings with that person to get a clear picture of the situation?
12. While on a market, you discover a merchant selling a wonderful item you wanted to own for as long as you can think. Sadly you don't have enough money to pay him. Will you…
a: +Dx +Pe -Le -Ma …try to steal the item in a moment of confusion because you *must* have it?
b: ++Dx -Le -Ch …try to earn some coins as a juggler on that market in order to be able to buy the item?
c: +St +Pe -Dx -Ch …wait until night comes and then slay the merchant and take the item?
d: +Wi -Ma …ignore the item for now and work more until you have enough money to buy it?
13. While playing in the fields during your childhood, your attention is attracted by something glinting in the sunlight. It turns out to be a ring, definitely pretty, maybe even valuable. Will you…
a: +Ap -Ma …put it on to see how it will look on you?
b: +Le -To …show it to your parents just in case there is something wrong with it?
c: +Ch -Ma …try to trade it with your friends?
d: +Ma +Pe -Le -Ch …keep on searching in hope of finding more treasures?
14. Soon after starting your apprenticeship you come to realise that your master is a harsh and unjust man. Will you…
a: +Le +To -Wi -Ch …endure all abuse in exchange for knowledge gained?
b: ++Ma --Wi …continue your apprenticeship hoping the situation will eventually get better?
c: +Wi +Ch -Le -To …complain to your master about his behaviour?
d: +Dx +Ma --Le …run away during the night?
15. After serving your master for several months you still feel like having learned hardly anything. One day, while sweeping your masters study during his absence, you can't help but feeling curious about the contents of a large dusty tome resting on a pedestal in one corner of the room. Of course, your master forbade you to even look at it, let alone touch it. Will you…
a: +Wi -Le …heed the command of your master and continue with your task?
b: +Le +Pe -Wi -Ma …give in to temptation and peruse the book?
c: +Dx +Ma -Wi -Ch …accidently knock the pedestal over, hoping to get at least a lucky glance at something interesting?
d: +Le +Wi --Ma …ask your master about the book once he returns?
16. Having finally mastered the basics of your profession, your master sends you to deliver a valuable package to the neighbour village. You get waylaid about halfway there. Standing on a bridge crossing a foaming river, bandits approaching from both sides. Will you…
a: +Le +Ma -Wi -Ch …surrender your possessions, failing your task?
b: +Wi -Le …shout for help?
c: +St +Wi +To -Le -Ma -Pe …ready your weapons and fight for your life?
d: +Wi +Ma -Le -Pe …risk the river despite your meagre swimming skills?
17. The final day of your apprenticeship has come. All hardships have been mastered, all lessons learned, all gripes forgotten. Quite pleasantly your master surprises you with a farewell gift. One of four to be exact. Will you…
a: +To -Le …pick a pair of sturdy boots to aid your travels?
b: +Dx -To …select a slender dagger to ensure your safety?
c: +Ch -Ma …choose a small pouch of coins to get you past the worst?
d: +Le -Dx …go for a few final bits of advice to help you on your way?
18. After ending your apprenticeship you travel the country for several years performing odd jobs in order to earn a living. While wandering the wilderness during an especially unrewarding winter month you come across another traveller, gravely injured by wolves and barely concious. Will you…
a: +Dx +To -Ch -Ma …strip the traveller of everything valuable and leave him to die?
b: +St +To -Le -Ma …strike the killing blow of mercy, thus sparing him days of suffering with hardly a chance of survival?
c: +Dx +Ma -St -To …camp for a few days and try to aid him as best as your skills permit?
d: +St -Dx …carry him to the next village?
19. Evil has started to invade the world, subtle and unnoticed at first, directly assaulting in the end. Monsters and nightmares roam the land, all signs pointing towards Terinyo, a small wilderness hamlet. You know it's your destiny to go there because…
a: +Dx -Ch …there are bound to be untold riches just begging for a new owner!
b: +Ma -Le …this is finally the chance to prove yourself as the greatest fighter on Ancardia!
c: +Le -Ma …knowledge and insights hitherto unknown to mankind are waiting to be discovered!
d: ++Ma -Le -Wi …somebody has to save the world!
20. Now that you are old enough, your parents gave you a sword and a leather armor to practice with. While you are practicing with the goblins in the plains, you hear a dirty laughter nearby. You sneak up to the nearest hill and see a group of four raiders torturing a farmer. Will you…
a: +Dx +Pe -St -To …stealthily walk down and ambush the raiders, trusting your skills?
b: +Le +Dx +To +Pe -St --Wi -Ch …run away, because what chance would you have against the brigands?
c: +Le +Dx +Pe --Ch -Ma …wait to see if the raiders would leave soon and then go help the farmer?
d: +Wi -St …quickly scout the area for help?
21. As you make your way toward the chain of mountains you have heard so much about, you stop for the evening at a village inn. Everyone gathers for the evening meal and you overhear a conversation between two seemingly well-to-do merchants. They are talking about a collection of precious jewelry which has been entrusted to them by an evil dark elven master assassin named Magrak. It seems they have been given little choice; sell the ill-gotten baubles on his behalf or live in the cold shadow of his sure, swift retribution. You saw the four locked chests carried inside by the merchants earlier and wondered at their contents, now you know what they must surely contain. Will you…
a: +Wi +Ch --Ma …attempt to aid them in their plight by plotting the demise of this evil thug?
b: +Ma -Ch …offer the merchants the name of a rich human enchantress you met in your travels who will buy much of their stock?
c: +Dx -Wi …wait until everyone goes to bed, then attempt to rob the merchants as they sleep?
d: +Le +Dx +Pe -St -Wi -Ch …engage the merchants in conversation, hoping to learn more of Magrak? Surely one so skilled in his art must have something to impart to a young apprentice…
22. During your apprenticeship under an elderly wizard, you come across a powerful magical amulet of unknown power in a forgotten corner of his warehouse. Do you…
a: ++Ch -Dx -Ma …tell your master of your finding?
b: +Le +Ma -Wi -Ch …keep the amulet to your self, in hopes of gaining its powers?
c: +To -Wi …sell it, to get money for better living?
d: +Wi -Pe …leave it be and forget about it since this is not a thing that concerns you?
23. While doing research in a library, you come across a map to an ancient tomb containing many treasures. You decide to investigate the matter. Do you take with you…
a: +Le +Ch -St -Ma …other adventurers to help fight the monsters in the way?
b: ++Ma -St -To …magical items and spellbooks to strenghten your own power?
c: +Dx +Ma -St -Le …all that which you can carry in a small pouch, in order to travel fast and stealthily?
d: +Pe -Ma …superb equipment and provisions, to make travelling easy?
24. During a night out, one of your friends is mugged and hurt badly. Do you…
a: +Ch +Ma -St -To …do what you can to heal his wounds?
b: +St +To -Le -Ch …chase after the attackers to reclaim lost wealth, while others tend to your friend?
c: +To +Ch -Ma -Pe …wait with your friend until help arrives, then chase after the attackers?
d: +Wi -To …go and alert the city guards?
25. While on a journey, your carriage is attacked by foreign spies. They siege you and your travelling companions and call out for a royal emissary travelling under disguise with you. Do you…
a: +Le +Ch --To …try and negotiate with the attackers in order to stall them until help arrives?
b: +Wi +Dx -Le -To …sacrifice yourself by masking as the emissary so that the others may escape?
c: +Dx +Pe -St -Wi …sneak your way past the attackers in order to call for help?
d: +To +Pe -Wi -Ma …turn the emissary over to the spies in order to save yourself and the other travellers?
26. If you came across an animal that was writhing in agony from a poisoned injury and looked like it would die anyway, will you…
a: +St +To -Ch -Ma …slay it as an act of mercy?
b: +Dx -Ch …agitate it during its final moments?
c: +Wi -Ch …walk away?
d: +Wi +Ma --Ap …attempt to heal it, although odds are grim?
27. Your brother has come asking that you hide him from the law. Do you…
a: +St +Wi -Dx -Ch …send him away?
b: +Le +Ch -Wi -Pe …gladly let him in and then try to sway his behavior?
c: +Wi -Le …tell him he must repent in a prison for the crime?
d: +Dx +Ch -St -Pe …invite him to join your band of thieves?
28. You are carrying your liege's gold to his castle. You stumble upon a poor beggar. Do you…
a: +Ch +Ma -Le -Pe …give him some of your liege's money?
b: +Ch -Pe …give him some of your own money?
c: +St +Dx -Ch -Ma …take what little money the beggar has in his dish?
d: +St +To -Ma -Pe …ignore the beggar?
29. You have stolen to feed your family and the guards are searching for you. You…
a: +Dx +Pe -Wi -To …rush to a hiding place and, when it clears up, return home.
b: +St +To --Le …attack the guards head on!
c: +Ch +Ma -Le -Pe …turn in yourself in hopes of being able to explain the situation.
d: +Ma -Le …become a professional criminal and perpetuate the acts…
30. Your king lies dying, the battle is lost. He asks how the battle fares. Tell him…
a: +Ch -Wi …"All is well!"
b: ++Wi -Ch -Ma …"Unfortunately, we are defeated!"
c: +St +To -Le -Ch …"C'mon, die already, I want yer crown!!!"
d: +Dx -Le …"Unfortunately, I am not able to help here."
31. You are called home to run your late father's shop, but you are on a spiritual quest. Do you…
a: +Ch +Pe -Wi -Ma …return home without a moment's pause?
b: ++Wi -Ch -Pe …stay to follow your quest indefinitely?
c: +Le +Ma -Ch -Pe …send some poor farm kid in your place?
d: +Wi -Pe …continue questing in hopes that the shop will still be there when you finish?
32. You are a witness to a crime. You are called to the stand. The defendant is not guilty of that crime, you know, but he did steal from your brother. Will you…
a: +Le -Ch …falsely attest his guilt to avenge your brother's honor?
b: ++Ma -Wi -Ch …claim that he was guilty just for fun?
c: +Wi -Ma …attest the truth and call him out for your own vendetta?
d: +Wi -Ch …tell the truth, but let the vendetta die here and now?
33. As a child, whenever your friends had an idea of going to the nearby graveyard at darknight and asked you to join them, you…
a: +Ma -Wi …went along because you were forced to?
b: +Le -Pe …went along curious to see how others behaved?
c: +Ch -To …stayed home helping your mother?
d: +Dx -Ch …went fishing?
34. While shopping, you spot someone stealing something from the shop. Will you…
a: +Le -Pe …tell the shopkeeper?
b: +St +Dx -Le -Ma …stop the thief and pursue him if needed?
c: ++Ma -Le -Dx …hope the shopkeeper sees him stealing?
d: +Ma -Ch …ignore the thief?
35. One night you wake up of a strange dog whining on your yard. You see the dog is bleeding and critically hurt. Will you…
a: +St +To -Dx -Ch …end the dog's sufferings?
b: +Le +Dx -Ma -Pe …try to medicate the dog?
c: +Le -Ma …wake your father and mother up?
d: +Wi -Ch …ignore the dog?
36. When your father took you hunting for the first time, you saw a deer for the first time in your life. You were supposed to kill it for food. Do you…
a: +St +To -Le -Wi …kill the deer, because you wanted your father to respect you?
b: +St +Le -To -Ma …feel sorry for the deer, but kill it anyway, because you knew your tribe really needed the food?
c: +St +To --Ch …kill the deer with a smile on your face and a tingle inside you?
d: ++Wi --Ch …decide not to kill such a magnificent animal?
37. What would you order in a restaurant for lunch?
a: +St -Le …raw meat.
b: +Ma -Ch …fried bat.
c: +Dx -St …cooked lizard.
d: +Ch -Ma …the dish of the day.
38. What about you gave your parents the most grief?
a: +Wi -Ch …you always had to be the center of attention.
b: +Ma +Pe --Ch …you holed up in your room instead of playing with other kids.
c: +Dx -Ch …your frequent brushes with the law.
d: +To -Dx …your amazing appetite.
39. Will you fight evil…
a: +St +Wi -Le -Dx …by battling evil creatures whenever you see them?
b: +Le -St …by trying to understand the cause and preventing it?
c: +Ch -Le …by repairing the damage everywhere you go?
d: +Ch +Ma -St -To …by trying to become a leader and steering your followers to another course?
40. You are in a nobleman's house as a dinner guest. While waiting in the library for your host, you notice a small, old book beautifully covered with gold lacing and ivory carvings. The temptation is strong. Do you…
a: +Dx -Wi …pocket the book in hopes of selling it?
b: +Le -Ma …read the book?
c: +St -Le …advise your host that such a valuable should be better guarded?
d: +Dx -Le …admire the cover then look around for other old stuff like weapons and armor?
41. There have been whispers throughout the land of approaching chaos. The great sage, Khelavaster, warned all of the races a short time ago, but you had your suspicions beforehand. What was it that made you suspicious?
a: +Pe -Ma …the early snow and sudden frost?
b: +Le -Wi …a strange, sickly bird?
c: +Ma -Ch …the behaviour of the townsfolk?
d: +To -Pe …the barren trees about your home?
42. Your mind made up, you pack your bags and prepare to leave for the Drakalor Chain. Your pack is almost full, and you still have several items you would like you take. Realizing that you can only fit one more thing in your backpack, you decide to pack…
a: +St -Dx …a worn old dagger?
b: +Le -St …a book of cantrips?
c: +To -Dx …extra rations?
d: +Dx -To …a length of rope?
43. On your way to the Drakalor Chain, you find yourself faced with several different paths. Your map does not specify which is safest. Which do you take?
a: +To -Dx …a rocky path into the countryside?
b: +Pe -Ma …the path through a thick forest?
c: +Le -Ma …a worn path over the hills?
d: +St -Le …the path past a desolate town?
44. You attempt to make an arrow and you do not succeed. Do you…
a: +Ma -Le …pray to the Gods for guidance on making better arrows in the future?
b: +Wi -Le …bang your head against the wall for being such an idiot?
c: +St -Le …hit someone to let out your aggression?
d: +Wi +Pe -Dx -Ma …calmly recover yourself and begin making another arrow?
45. You are walking on the street, when you see a gang of men beating a beggar. What would you do?
a: +St -Le …run to help the beggar regardless that there's five of them?
b: +Dx -Wi …quickly walk away so the men won't notice you?
c: +St +To -Ch -Ma …go help the men beat the beggar?
d: +Le -St …shout to the nearby people to come help the beggar?
46. You are chopping wood at your cottage in the woods when you suddenly see a faery next to you. The faery asks you : "Could you spare me some food and a resting place for this day?" You answer…
a: +Ch -Ma …"Of course I can! Just come on in."
b: +Dx -Ma …"Why not…" (glancing at the faery's expensive looking necklace).
c: +Wi -Ma …"No way! Run away you little pest!"
d: +Ma -Ch …"For a price… anything!"
47. You return back from your hunting trip and you notice that your cottage is on fire! Already half of it has burned. Do you…
a: +Wi -Le …try to save what you can by any means?
b: +Ma -Wi …let it burn and build a new cottage somewhere else?
c: +St -Le …rush over to town and demand money for your lost cottage?
d: +Pe -Ma …suspect that someone tried to assasinate you and stay on guard?
48. Your father has apprenticed you to the local smith. Do you…
a: +Wi -Le …happily accept the position, believing that it is your chosen calling?
b: +Wi +To -Ch -Ma …grudgingly accept, not wanting to shame your father?
c: +Wi -Ch …adamantly refuse, setting out on your own path and alienating your family?
d: +Dx +Ma -Wi -Ch …pretend to accept, but plan to run away as soon as the opportunity presents itself?
49. You find yourself working as an apprentice to a wise but cruel master. Do you…
a: +Ch +Ma -Le -Pe …publicly humiliate him, hoping it will teach him to respect you?
b: +Le -Dx …calmly accept his cruelty, knowing that the punishment is worth the reward?
c: +Dx +Ma -Le -Ch …kill him and steal all the tools of his trade?
d: +Ma -Wi …leave his service for a less experienced but kinder teacher?
50. While learning tricks of the trade from your wise teacher, you think you see a way to do something that he has taught you in a more efficient way. Do you…
a: +Wi -Le …loudly point out the new method, proving yourself smarter than your teacher?
b: +Ma -Pe …keep it to yourself, sure that your master knows more than you?
c: +Le +Ma -Wi -Ch …keep it to yourself, hoping that you can use the method to earn great wealth?
d: +Le -Ma …write the method down and leave it as an anonymous note to your teacher?
51. After many years of toil, you have completed your apprenticeship. Do you…
a: +Wi -Pe …thank your master politely and set out into the world, confident that you have learned everything you need to know?
b: +Wi -Ma …seek to learn more from your master, believing that he still has more knowledge to share?
c: +St +To --Ma …slay your master so that nobody else will learn his knowledge and be able to compete with you?
d: +Le -Ma …seek out a new master to increase your knowledge in your chosen profession?