Previous versions of Opera handles padding-bottom with rules written for padding-top?

this is:
	body > div#soul > div#probe {
			height: 100%;		/* see below */
			background: red;
			overflow: hidden;	/* just for better expression of the mess */ }
contained in:
	body > div#soul {
		height: 100%;		/* that means whole visible BODY
		padding-top: 10%;	/* that means the space above the red area */
		padding-bottom: 0;	/* that means NO grey space below this red area */
		border: 2px solid blue; 
		background: #444; }

(tested on Opera Version 7.54 Build 3865) (Does not affect curent version of Opera browser)

Quirking notes

Sorry to ppk for temporalily removing this page. Also: sorry to all who had been offenced by this doc (ment Opera community). I swear I spent a *lot* of TLC "tuning" pages for msIE and Gecko browsers, so imagine my despair when I met Opera with its own bugs and must start it all over :(