Fighting The Brain

dialogue list

We were brough here by coincidence,right - if so...- You already shooting? 

Remember we found that article in the library - Paulo Coelho, have you heard of that name?

-- Yeah, I know ...

- No, just that it mentioned the Infant Jesus...

- ..oh, yeah, that's nothing wrong about it. 

- ... that he thought that his work was influenced by.......

- ... they say he'd pray here too, so that he becomes a famous writer.

- ... In fact it turned out to be...

- And it turned out to be true. Well, that's nice. 

- And how do you know that the Infant has an effect? Can it enter the person in a dream? Because the dream is a neutral zone, it's a mystery..

- Well, of course even when dreaming we realize things we don't know about us.... Or we don't want to think about. then even God may show us something through them, why not?

But in general I think that people come to see Ježíšek (Baby Jesus) to remember Jesus Christ. 

- And does God conduct even what we have in our brain, a gift, an ability, is it his will as well?

A human beiing needs air. So why didn't he arrange it so people and animals are dependet merely on air? Because if it were that way, there would automatically a certain peace. That's what I have reflected in my work as well. 

- It's not that we have an answer to everything. For example we don't know why it is arranged so that humans feed themselves with animals...

-No, I'm saying that it is tactless of God to have arranged it this way. It's as if he were making fun out of the living creatures. It's more as if devil controlled it or so.  

- It seems to me that it is God who controls it. 

- And what do you think happens after death, and one's being is completed, which just happens anyway?

- I hope that God will accept us, just as He promised and give our lives back, even our body ... 

- No, your opinion!

- Well, that's what I'm saying, I hope so.. 

- And did you have a sign from the Lord or so, you wouldn't be here otherwise, would you? 

- I got reasons to believe that Christianity is true. I have reason to believe that Christ really rose from the dead, but those are pieces that I've put together as a mosaic, not that I could describe it in a way that I'd convince you. 

-- So a sign in a dream or something? Nothing?! I, for example, remember that... 

- - So I think we won't solve it all here today ...!

- Yeah ... 

- Thank you very much.

- I thank you for your friendship. 

- You do not have any health problems, then? 

- I'm quite a healthy person thank God . This doesn't mean that I don't have some kind of problem.

- So, that too... 

- I have bad eyes for example so this way I can't recognize a face. 

- So you direct that to baby Jesus too.

-- But otherwise I ....

- To baby Jesus, right?! You're somehow trying to entertain false hopes..

- I love him very much., 

- So I'll try it while I'm here.

- I said not the face. 

-Okay, all right. 

- What else than information is the world?

- Well, an emotion for example...

- I can't cope with them. 

I do not understand them. 

- Well, I do not understand them ... heh

- This is another department. 

- What about the brain?! Transpose the conscousness to an entirely different platform. Organics needs so many bulshit around. The information needs something to exist on. And it doesn't matter whether that something is an organic neural network, or a silicon chip. 

- And how would you feel? Maybe if you were connected to the Internet, so ... 

-I assume that in a similar way you feel now just you would have a lot of additional organs. 

- And it would be the perfection you want?

- I don't know, but it would sure be interesting. 

- Look, they running away from us! Hey, come here! Children! Don't run!

Hey, tell me a number from one to twelve.


- Four.

- Eight. 

- From one to twelve.

They're such bombs! Those there,we can't catch up I think because I have sciatica and you fool you got a disability pension. So we got to go back. This will... 

So now we're entering the school. Hello. 

So you can tell us a number from one to twelve, since you're at school? 

- And why?

- Just because.

- Eight. 

- Thank you. I want to turn it to music you know? Then according to those numbers we'll make music. 

So now try to turn off for a minute ... 

Yep, this is the structure of the tones. When you look at it, it's actually a gesture of a tone. If the lady says aaaaa, it begins here, so here is th e á, pum pum, buch, and when I trun it to numerical values of the instrument it can't do uuuuu, it can do u-u-u. 


Department of Documentary Production


It's all so terribly fragile. 

I'm Honza Šípek and I wanted to make a film about three buddies who are essential and inspiring for me and with whom I spent a lot of time. I wanted to show their world. How I perceive them. I wanted to get as close as possible to them in the film but as one of them told me, maybe such a thing doesn't even belong in a film. 

I also thought that they have something in common and they would get to know each other during the making of the film, but they weren't very much interested in each other really. So at the end it is me who unites them, so I actually became the fourth character of the movie. 

Fighting The Brain

- I just have inside me a strange thing that is unpleasant at the same time. That's the thing that in the main frame I have to shoot this world. But I don't know why. IMaybe it is some tax, maybe I've done something bad in my previous life... I don't have another answer for that. If I really was some savior it would have already shown. Že bych ty náměty dostal dřív, že by se dostaly do rukou každýho člověka na světě, že jo... But I have no miraculous powers. 

In the main frame I'm shooting this man. In the main frame I'm shooting this tree. I don't know why. It simply is an evidence that this planet is fully functional and there must be the human being that sees it and films it for another world that I have no idea where it is.  




Venda Hrdý

Author of musical styles EC Pop, EarthSynth,

Of the literary genre

Think-Fan-Com-Real and of the book

City Means



- But I’m the main cameraman! Why me? Why this particular person, who’s responsible that everything can be seen? Why does he have such visions? Why? They’re automatically given! I just fulfil commands of the inner brain! Do you understand?!

- Notice, that everything is very different. When you look at the world you see it in one piece....

- That’s exactly me! 

-...and when you have it on camera, you just have a cut-out.

- That’s how I react, though. That’s me, this screen in human form.  

- But it’s just where you turn it. You normally perceive the whole world, but if I turn it to the corner, you can’t see anything, ‘cause it’s dark in here.

- Well, if it’s dark, I can’t see anything either, it’s the same. Here’s my diminished prototype. 

- And how would you see it now?

- Just like this! These are my eyes. My head, my brain, here, exactly, that’s me. One man has the main shot just as one camera has the main shot. Is that so hard to understand?

- No look what possibilities you have.

- Well, I can’t make this.

- Details. And details, they stick in your head. 

- Hey you believe your inner brain too?

- I dunno.

- Do you dispute with it over anything?

- I do.

- Over what?

- Well....

- You can manage a lot, for you don’t have the cam. I realize it in every corner, which is wrong. I’d need to disconnect it. Where I’m going somewhere, it’s better not to see the way and reconnect it when

you arrive to the place. This is how anyone who is shooting a transmission would think. Not that he would film the whole way.   

- Well, when I see something I got a feeling: I’d like to film this. I don’t have a cam in the head and I have an incredible craving to shoot it. I see here some Vašek who’s saying something to me and I say to myself: that’d be great if it were a film.  

- Just because you want! Just what I want, what someone else wants doesn’t interest nobody.

- Well, you’re not interested in what I want as well,  are you? 

- You just want to pull some documentary outta me, so you have piece in your mind. Because if I don’t do that, you’ll get worried because of that.

I’ll do a good turn.

- You’re not doing no good, you’re just frightening the cat.

- I just wanted to caress it.

- But this way you’d do a good turn for yourself.

- For him too, though. I’d show that I like him. 

- It’s leaving.

- It’s his business, his fault!

- But why is he leaving? Because it’s scared of you.

- Let’s go.

We’ll see after death.

- Well maybe that is one motivation. I admit. But the second is that ....

- ... that you didn’t find no one better to chat with, so you came over.

If you didn’t have the chance to talk to anybody for a week, you’d go crazy, you can figure it out logically. I can imagine it lively.

- Why don’t you admit that you could be important for me somehow? Understand - -we’ve been talking to each other since the 2nd grade, There everyone said that you’re a little odd..

- ... and who told you? Don’t tell me that every other one told you that?

- Every first one.

- Look at you, I’d take you home. Look at the tommy! You’re so beautifull! 

- It wants to play, right?

- The disadvantage between me and Mozart is that, although Mozart was a lunatic, he was able to do things professionally and he was entertained by that. It’s similar with me. I’m a genius, I have great ideas, but I’m unable to realize them properly, with strain, I got to fight for them.

I need that machine that transposes thoughts to reality.

- City Means – The City of Homecomings.

- No wait I didn’t mean it like that, don’t wanna pull off some humorous masquerade. I wanna be dead sure that I got a chance to ride on this bike, just that wouldn’t risk another fall. 

- I think that people in my class ignore me. Just as if the played with my calm temper and look at me as if I were and outsider who avoids the collective.   

But the thing is that it isn’t true at all! Why would I have to change just to please an schoolboy intellectual? I’d just put myself down!  

- You’re filming? 

- Ehm

- You’re not filming!

- Ehm

- So tell me man! It’ll be inaudible again!

- Say something more, say it loud.

- What do you want me to say?

- You just scream something a little try to say something louder.

- I’m not gonna yell here man!

- Good.

- You keep turning to things that have nothing in common with City Means. What’s this bad habit changing the subject? 

- Because I’m interested. The film is not supposed to be just about the book, but about the person who wrote it.

- It’s not important! It is about the plot not about who wrote it.

- It’s essential to me.

- For me it is not essential though.

- Gradma!

- She will have to find out one day...

- Venoushek!

- Yeah!

- Can you stop it for a while? Come and have something to eat!

- But he doesn’t want!

- I ate a while ago.

- Come on! Venoushek wouldn’t enjoy eating alone!

- I’d be better if I sent you away, wouldn’t it?

- Throwing in gaggles of food, breakfast, snacks, lunch, that’s horrible... Under pressure of the

inner brain...

- City means – The City of Homecomings

- It’s a world I’d like to be in.

- So do you have an explanation why do your peers have such opinions about you? 

- I think it is because of the not very charismatic appearance I have, and the lack of assertiveness.     

When I hear my voice on a tape or on a videotape, I’d rather not be at the place.

- I wouldn’t mind so much if I were you. And the fact that someone is hot-headed is not so horrible. 

- Nola’s words were a new kind of asset for Martin. It had been a long time since somebody flattered him like this.   

- So what is the right meaning of life in this world Martin? Do you have any secret wishes that you’d like to fulfil during you time of existence? 

- I have a feeling that someone is superintending me. Through me the inner part of the brain seeks resources so it feels good. But not on my behalf. The brain reproaches: what kind of creator are you? I have to beg for every article.    

- I told you don’t film my face.

- Don’t worry if you don’t want to I won’t put it there. (He later agreed to have his face on the film)

- Jirka said that there were methods

on the Internet to control the dreams. He was kidding, wasn’t he?    

- I think it’s called lucidious dreaming.  

- Like you can lear it?

- Some people say it’s possible.

- That’d be great.

- Do you see that?

- What?

- The shadow, it’s just like, wow!

- When I look up any of my characters, it changes or disappears. But if I bite someone or I touch someone, I can feel it. 

- In a dream?

- Yep.

That’s psychopathic. It’s terrible. 

Venda Hrdý, author of City Means. And Sally Shapiro.

I’m telling you again, if the screen opened and I entered into it... I’m not ready for this in the real world. 

Hey, let’s have a look what The Chosen are doing! (The Czech mutation of the Big Brother show is called VyVolení)

 I’ll catch you! Come here! Come here!

- We’re there now. But it’s dark.

- I don’t wanna be there!

- Let’s try to raise spirits! That’d be interesting.

Almanac of Secrecy.

Do you believe in UFO?

- I don’t know! This looks a little like a cloud.

- This? How come? It’s has something oval. It’s maybe a meteorite. 

- Maybe the machine is here?

- Which machine? Oh right! I thought the Thought Materializer machine .  

- A regular doll.

- And did it work?

- How would it work, it’s just a regular thing.

- Did it fulfil something?

- How does a doll fulfil anything? A doll?

- Why are you filming this? What good is it to you? If there was some spirit appearing at least, something that would take you breath.

- This is a good voice too! I was looking for this, years ago. 

- You can still. And vary with that Sally. 

- And here’s the harp. The element of classical music. From the point of view of possibilities.  

- Did you see it? A star! Was falling...

- But promise me, if anything happens to me, you’ll shred it ok? You promise? Give me your hand on that!

- Hand on that. 

- When I say shred I mean everything, from the internet form the computer.

- But if anyone buys the book, we can’t force him/her, to 

destroy it.

- I can accept that, but not after death. 

- After you die the book will still exist. If people buy it. 

- But I will state in my will, that they shouldn’t propagate it. Because I know what reality has planned for me.

- What?

- It just wants to abuse my work after my death. But won’t succeed. That’s way the last will. I’m not a fool to turn it adrift. I’m not gonna be a chess piece here!    

- To whom?

- To the reality!

- Exactly: the psychological game between number eight and nine, it’s the same! We’ve been playing the game between eight and nine for two years, so it is unacceptable for me to see number eight somewhere... I mustn’t see eight, and if I see it i must overcharge it with number nine. Which means that I got to walk around until I see number nine on a blue board. Do you understand now how psyche extorts you?  

I thought that the clock didn’t evoke anything and now I got it. Man, look at me! That’s why I have no peace of mind. If I see it at night I must get up and wait for the nine. If I don’t do that, the brain will not communicate with me. 

- Ok wait, so stop... 

- ...and what?

- And stop.

- ... and what?

- Listen what the brain says. Don’t go anywhere! Wait! Stop.

- What? I got to find number nine! 

- Don’t go anywhere, just stop!

- And what?

- And wait.

- What for?

- What happens with the brain.

- It wants number nine.

- Wait, Vashek!

- You think that I’m doing it on purpose?

- So tell the brain to stop!

- No! I wanna win the game! What the brain wants, it’s sacred.

- And is it not your purpose here to try to free from your brain?

- You aren’t filming this, right?

- Hm

- You’re not, are you?

- Yes.

- You’re filming it, aren’t you? 

- Yep.

- So erase it.

- I thought that at the end each of you should have two mintes...

- Like they would see my face? 

- Whatever. 

two minutes in which you can say whatever you want about the whole movie and it will be in the very end so I won't interfere anyway. 

- So you'll put there what I'm gonna say right now!

- I will have to. 

Well, so my name is Venda Hrdý and I'm presenting myself here under the pseudonym Tom Patrick and I wrote City Means You're probably saying, what that confusing document was supposed to mean. I was trying to flesh out Martin Ronský, one of the main characters of the work. He simply has secret wishes right, that he wants to meet his grilfriend -- we saw her personalized in that naked girl in the Elbe, he has his friend Nola Klementová, that was the girl played by Lída riding the bike. And by means of this document I was trying to personalize him... that it is hard to make your wishes true and that everyone should have his own guide. 

I was trying to indicate how hard it is, contrarry to Hrarry Potter you don't necessarily have to fight the evil. So the secret wishes, humble ones, such as the fulfillment of a relationship, or having a friend, or employing the music - as we heard those flashes - - when it happens on the inside rather than on the outside, everyone should have a guide, or a so called savior who could help him. So contrary to Harry Potter the mission of City Means is in having a guide who helps and makes one's wishes true, when someone is not capable of doing so. Therefore it is a fantasy that helps. 

Then we so something from the BigBrother the voices from that lady, they are again things, kind of goblins that can interfer with it and we were trying to materialize it by available materials, so that was what you just saw. 

So when you get to read City Means, you will hopefully find my mission in it. Fantasy should help not just...destroy. 

Thank you for your attention. 


hacker in the original sense.




- we going on record?

- Yep. So I think that we can start. 

- Testing: one, two, three Is it working?

- Excellent. 

- Perfect. 

- Testing: one, two, three Testing: one, two, three Testing: one, two, three 

-When you scream it hits the red. 

- Testing: one, two, three - Yep. 

- Whew, this is from Doom. 

- Yes, trouble?

- (the other side of the line)

- I'm not at home right now. Log on and reset it. 

- (the other side of the line)

- You have a certificate. 

- (the other side of the line)

- Fuck! Can you wait till the end of the hour?

- Go and fix it..

- (the other side of the line)

- Yep. If it doesn't work at zero seven, give me a call. 

- Go and fix it..

- Bye for now. 


- How often do you go out?

- Once in a couple of days when I need something or someone needs me, when I need to buy something... Or when I go to the airport ...

- I got the idea when I heard how Americans tend to check portable drives and things like that at the border. You have a regular flash drive and you stick it into to computer and it acts like a flash driver. But you take it out of the computer and you put a magnet on it and it is a different flash drive! 

- Use?

- When you want to sneak a video out of the country showing what was happening for example. 

- Have you spent a day without the computer lately?

-The whole day? 

- Well 

- No!

- And when was it last? 

- A few years I think. 

-Operation Stalker, time 19:46, Monday.

Now we are on the road and continuing towards the Ukrainian border. 

I've been wondering for quite a long time how to win against a stronger opponent when you're weaker. A great inspiration for me was Vietnam. 

Runing the record! How much tape do we have left? 

Someone has Taj Mahal, someone hass Chernobyl!

- Karl, stop taking pictures and let's get out!

- It looks beautiful there! It is peaceful!

Now there is this novelty. Yanks are developing it. Reactive materials. Composite materials with stored energy inside them. It isn't explosive it doesn't have an explosibe effect it resembles more termites. 

- Ehm. 

- Did I show you trinite? I got it over the Internet. A real one. It even made sing geiger. Not very much but a little higher than the background, the grandmother's uranium box is much more tuneful, not that much but enough for me to believe it is real. It is glass that comes from desert sand worked by the first artificial sun. 

Do you know The Gadget?  The Trinite test? 

- No! 

- Alamogordo, New Mexiko? 

- Ehm. 

- Does it ring any bell? 

The subway is good in terms of speed, but I don't like it. It's a hole, many people, little space. Mouse trap. 

Caffeine is a routine, some benzodiazepamine anxiolytics for anxiety situations...but the pills work even when I don't take them, I have them at dispozal, so I don't panic.  

- That you can take them in case you need.

- Yep. I don't even need her now. I think I'm over it. 

(song, English version bellow)

Come closer, users swearu, complain, cry out,

Say goodbye to mainframes you've grown up on,

instead of a terminal you'll get a PC, 

And if your files are worth preserving, 

better make backups, or you'll lose them,

for files they are a-change. 

Come gather round users, bitch complain and moan

Say goodbye to the mainframes with which you have grown

Instead of your VT you'll get some PC clone

If your files to you are worth savin'

Then you better make backups or you'll end up with none

For the files they are a-changing

- Yep.. This is as great. I think you're the best person I know for solving technical problems. But everywhere else I find that You gotta be screwed.

- Damn right! On the other hand I got this power to make almost everything a technical problem. 

- And does it always work? 

- Not always, but often. Quite often for it to be a useful strategy. But I would say that I can imagine exactly situations when it can't work. 

- So do I. 

Everything is information. What is substance? Information bearer! 

- I thought that such a strictly logical thinking is actually the domain of men. And women work more emotionally, more intuitively ... 

- I't's hardware too. 

- Really?

- Yep. 

- Wired a little differently, but this is also metal. Do a thorough reverse engineering and you'll find out how it works! 

- So it is possible to say that the human is a computer.  

- Yep. Look at different brain injuries! When you have an injury localized enough or a tumor, you can have quite bizarre failures of certain functions. You can look at something and not understand what it is until you touch it. You harm the hardware and a relevant part of the software falls off. 

Who doesn't know technomusic, massive soundsystems, 

as I do, as I do, 

who wants to enjoy something, not just be passive, 

may he/she look at the CzechTek festival. 

Duc Duc Duc. 

Who hasn't driven through woods when a truck drove out of the way,

knows little, knows little,

who hasn't undergone such horror, that he trembled with fear at night, 

may he/she look at the CzechTek festival. 

Duc Duc Duc. 

DJ put some techno on, 

we're having fun today let tomorrow for tommorow 

Duc Duc Duc. 

- I have very vivid memories of how we once run to catch the subway and you said that your heart will probably stop, or that you would get a heart attack. 

- I was a little untrained. I still am. It's not so bad anymore. I get out from time to time. 

It would be of use to sleep less, have better concentration, better memory... More hands ... A broader spectral band fvision ... Preferably from long waves to hard gamma... But I'd be happy if I had termal vision up to ten thousand nanometers. 

Everything metalic ... 

- Is it?

-They don't dacay anymore. 

- You got all teeth artificial?

- Ehm.

- Really?

- Yep. 

- In your thirty... what... two?

- Before. 

This type of thinking limits to an extent: I don't see certain things. Again, I see some things that are not visible otherwise. Something in return for something you know.

- What do you think you can't see?

- That what I don't know. 

I don't know, because I can not see it. 

- So the whole realm of emotions that people solve exactly likewise ... 

- I never knew how to deal with this really... 

I'm not able to read the expression. 

Because from time to time I do not see that somebody is trying to upset me, I'm considered to be quite a cool guy. 

The whole world yawned over the newspaper,

Air Force One flew over the atlantic, 

a drama occured throughout Prague, 

George Bush came uninvited. 

Do we want him or not it's psycho,

the radar should be built in the mountains around Brdy,

In retrun we should get visas,

but I guess we rather get shit 

A convoy of fat cats driving through Prague vacant, 

people can't leave their homes

the media watch the action extravagant 

traffic in the city is paralyzed. 

Because you're sitting at the computer and reading about the world, you'll understand it better than if you were physically there. I have a bit too much of computers, but at least I have a little bit of the real exposure. Not as much as I would like but at least something.... 

- Are you sometimes illogical, as if you were thinking out of logic?

- Not much. If so I'm aware it is illogical. 

- When?

- It's complicated. 

- Listen what I would really like to have is 3D video glasses - I'd look at you and it would recognize your face You look at a city - and immediately see where you are. You look at a building, the computer makes a request, and pulls out the phone book of people inside. You look at a product, you look at the barcode - query the server, response from the server - and it describes what's inside. I look at the map and before I go somewhere, and get to know the surroundings. 

- If you gradually replace all your body parts and you're left just with your brain somewhere in the bathtub in some solution.... 

- You can replace that too eventually, if you work out how.

- Do you want to say something about the movie? how did you feel in the context of the whole film? 

- I don't know. I have no idea. 

- And if this ... - And does that idea or the way you look in the movie to how you realy feel?

- No film can capture this accurately. But you can say tha the way you look is approximate. 

- What is missing?

- This is what can't be described. If it could have been described, it would have been possible to be done. 

- Is there anything that you don't like to see in the movie? 

- You talk a lot about emtions, my use of psychopharmacology musn't be necessarily public and the fact that I have false teeth you can keep entirely to yourself.

- No, shit!

Now it's doubled. 

- What is doubled? 

- Now it's there twice , the teeth. 

-So one at most must be enough. The shorter one is just a hint. 

Text v obraze:

Luboš has visited Knižák, the director of National Gallery several times .

And they say that he has presented him with his art theories. 

He wants to organize a disputation over Knižák's painting. 

Knížák is an icon for Luboš. 


Písni, krtupane, čekám. Luboš.

Honzo, mám návrh. U Knížáka... Pro Knížáka... (zbytek nesrozumitelný).. realitě Přísečnice ... Korelace ... Knížáka. 

- This abstract expression here is a bipolar system...colored, harmonic, calligraphic in contrast to this picture here, and that there are really counterparts, that just...imply that ther may be a jungle, some civilisation chaos towards the human being that enters it from some depth, or more like a human being not affected by our society, that he isn't brainwashed, that he isn't recionalised in any way. And he is clean but he ended up like that because the pressure from the civilization crumpled him totally. 

- I'm the author and I think about it in a real way, I don't scrutinize my feelings as I go. I started painting ...I painted a lot on the left side and I it seemed unnecessary to finish the right side, because there already has been said enough. So I said little and note the paining is crafted from left to right. As I painted it I painted a little more and I thought I would be enough. That I've said enough and that there is no need to finish it. For me there isn't..... ....I'm not seeking any....


There is a nice road leaning from Sudetland

and next to that road 

God water flows

Text v obraze:

abstraktní exprese

Geometric Abstraction


Miner, Gravedigger, 

musician, painter, 

and author of

A Fairy tale for marticians

- Wait! Don't shoot!

- I'm just focusing, Lubo!

- We must bring the Ark. 

- The Ark?

- Yep.

- Okay. And what is it? 

- That beaten boat, dude. The old boat!

- Šípku!! 

- Yeah, the sound would be ready!

- What are you doing, Šípek?

- A kind of magic, you know?

- Wir jetz muss fahren nach Sudetland.

- Sudetland...

- Zmijovka takes a bottle of becherovka. Julie is wrapped in tent canvas. he walks towards her. He croaks with a drunk voice, "Jůlie Hegerová! I took your grave and I'm giving you a new one" He gently unwraps her head out of the canvas. “Julie! The cemetery in Přísečnice was no good. Nobody would stay there with you anyway. You can trust me my dear, you can. 

- So I'll indoctrinate you just as Zmijovka indoctrinated me! 

I'm definitely not from around here. It's really just because of Zmijovka. You know, that I met him here. 

It is hard to talk about someone who collects the dead from their graves and carries them somewhere to Vejprty.

- And Zmijovka came here just to dig that graveyard? He didn't live there before?

- No! He was a temporary worker. The cemetery was being liquidated from sixty I think three till seventy two or three. Long years, till they collected and took it to the cemetery in Vejprty. 

- So ten years? 

- Yes! It wasn't collected in a day. It was done gradually. You wouldn't always find the right person for the job. 

-Pasev man, Míša how are you! Hey, listen man He he, man, same face! 

- Come in!

- Hello!

-Come here sweet ass! I love you. 

- What the fuck do you have...?

- Look, you're gonna be the Fairy! 

- The Fairy?

- Yes!

- I will! Can I? - The Fairy! 

I told you that here in the Sudetenland people are normal!

And where do you actually work? I heard it... 

I'm on maternity leave. I'm now and I'm not an undertaker, 

- ... there's a lack of them... 

- the shed in Velký Osek. I throw pig's and sheep's manure and so on. 

- Wait a minute, you're an undertaker, aren't you? 

- Well, from time to time.... As... I've never been an undertaker man, there the municipality needs man power, when someone kicks the bucket noone wants to bury him and the municipality has a legal duty to bury the dead so it's up to me. 

-You have that job. 

- To dig the hole and put away the deceased. So far I haven't had the opportunity... 

- (nesrozumitelné)... And this guy who told all this to Zmijovka at the graveyard, showed him the grave of Julia Hegerová, and arranged with Zmijovka that they wouldn't send her to Vejprty among other people but that they'd bury her at a different place, that they'd bury her in Hasberk, and because it wasn't possible to dig anything, they buried at the stone. Well, again it's just what I heard, right...

- You sit there... there's a rock in Hasberk, a volcanic rock,a million years old rock 

- I haven't been there so far.

- You sit on the rock and observe... 

-And why don't you go to Špičák?

- Come on man, look at yourself...!

- You got better volcanic rocks there. There's basalt there. 

There's basalt There are loads of basalts. - Really! 

-But there's that seat! In Hasberk hill. 

- there you got those flowers...

- ... this is totally amazing .... 

- And that Zmijovka, who was he then?

- You meet someone, talk to him for an hour and then never see him again, but he puts such things into your head... He put to mine the love for Přísečnice. 

- I didn't know how much of it is your fiction, based on your experience ....

- No, It's his ...the reality ... of Zmijovka. 

- Green Sudet flowers. 

- Hey the blue ones are good. 

- Jesus that's fantastic, so put them upside down!

- It will bite me!

- Good Lord!

-So how does it look?

- Who's filming the movie? So how do you picture it? My vision is that Luboě will choose, but ii's ok, isn't it? 

- Pussies... 

- The pink dress and red rowanberries?

- That will be a ride you fool! Golden Sudetenland, man!

A nice thing would be if Mrs. Pasev here had a curtain. 

- Like we'd be wrapped in a curtain? Wrapped? I don't get it.

- Just try to get a curtain and wrap yourself in it. This is too modern for a fairy. 

- Since when there are faires in Sudentenland?

- The landscape doesn't mind. But I am in it. It simply speaks to you. It speaks to you somehow, that's what he told me. And it spoke to me so much that I wrote a book . It spoke to me in a way that I'm writing music for the book, that I want it to be multimedial, that I want to paint pictures. It doesn't really matter what you take from the landscape. And what you warm up with your own ego, with your own existence and give it a dimension that other people will read in the book and will be interested in who was this Hugo Panhans.  

- She should take it off?

- Yep. 

- It hardened overnight. 

- For God's sake, rough them up. 

- Ááááá!

- Well, you see, it eased up. 

Look at that, how sensual she becomes when she does... 

- But you can't see my face. 

- Hey, come here and shoot it from this angle, he he he...

Dude, look at it, it's beautiful! Wait... I should have done it before ... You can't see it there. You threw it away!

-Give it to me! You can not handle the camera. I'll take the picture. Tities... out Tities out 

- Come on. 

- Such beautiful fairies we had here. 

- Přísečnice would end there in that creek.  

- And Rusová?

- There, where is that green strip of trees, that's Rusová. 

See that? Here you go Hugo .... H - U - G - O P. .. Panhans, Donsdorf. 

- But who carved it here?

- Well, Hugo Panhans did!

Save up the material, Šípek! 

Why don't you shoot the girls?

- We do!

- He's cool... 

No, it's just that the documentary is about him but he's lying like print.

- There were schooled people in the mine man, as I told you... 

-The mine is true? 

- Yep. 

-The brothel is true?

- Yes! 

- Really?

- Yes!

- All of it?

- Yep. On that mine, there were educated people, doctors,... 

- The bombshell is true?

- Yep.

- You're telling me that the knuckle-dusters are true?

- Yep.

The chase with gypsies for girls is also true? 

- Yep. It went through the court. Let's go see that still-life, dude. 


Včera byla neděle a mně se zdálo

včera byla neděle a Lucia

včera byla neděle Amore mia,

Amore mia, prima Lucia


La Lucia!

Dude, my songs emerged here in the mine.

- You wrote it here or you made it up  

- The lot, dude. 

 - Really?

- Ehm. 

-Look, and where was that underground library?

- Library underground?

- Well 

- I don't know. 

- No one had books here?

- There were just maps here ... What I remember. 

- Well, I said that there were many schooled people here, you understand, right? So when you were bored you went to the pump room and your colleague told you about medical sciences Because he wasn't allowed to do the job They were people cleared away to the mine, you see. 

For fuck's sake, thay don't believe me still, this Šípek. 

Dude, you smell that? fuck, it's the typical mine smell! Dude, Johnny, this is wonderful! Dude, I haven't smelled this for years. 

Johnny, here are electrified hooks, watch it, man! 

- Here you were talking to Zmijovka?

- Not here, he did not yet exist, man. It was up in Přísečnice, there I made him up, dude. 

- It is interesting that when I Zmijovka tells his stories about the mine, he a light in his hand. Such a lamp that miner carry with them. When they talk they wave the light insted of the invisible arms. A light in the shaft is like a pointer. He reaches for work and thoughts. 

Zmijovka has a light in his hand and waving it somewhere behind me as if there were an eternal darkness around us. 


Once you ask you limit the world into your own reality. We missed much of the magic in the mine asi it was hectic and the shaft wasn't mine but a general one. Do you get it? 

Hey Johnny. You're an asshole. At least as much of an asshole as I am. But now you should do what I'm doing. You're saying that I¨m lying in this. 

text v obraze:


Johnny, at the shaft you were asking some miners....

- He had such a specific philosophy, this Zmijovka. First of, secondly he was a miner. So our related fate of miners made us understand each other quite a lot. But it was just... I don't know how much time afternoon I just came here and talked to him. 

Wow, how can such a short time... 

- Wondering? Well, it is the way it is, but.

- Is it Okay?

- Good, thanks.

- Yeah, so be it. 

- Listen I wouldn't really shoot it Johhny, I need about five minutes. I don't get to talk to professor Knižák everyday. 

- Luboš, give me some tune just to... 

- Mr. Professor!

- Well, it's good, let's go!

- These words came to my head saying:“Jesus said here is the trouble that there is no ball every day. Then you're flying and the next moment you find yourself wiggling faced down on the ground." I just took the keynote from this painting and it came out as a rock'n'roll. And the second abstract expression came out in a complex harmony that I can hardly play on my guitar but I'd like to play it on organ. 

Jesus said here is the trouble, 

there is no ball everyday. 

Then you're flying and the next moment you find yourself wiggling 

faced down on the ground. 

Jesus said here is the trouble,

not every boss is a king,

It's just that big one that up to here

played badly on humanity. 

Tha't's the trouble, said Jesus, 

there is no ball everyday.

Then you're flying and the next moment you find yourself wiggling 

faced down on the ground. 

Jesus said here is the trouble,

not every ball is a ball, 

and when your brothers nail you to a cross,

keep on singing, 

keep on singing!!!!

Hey, Knižák, you hear this?

- Cool!

-Hey you, Šípek did it record something? You turned me off!!

- But you should shoot the painting. Looking for reflections. These are the smooth reflexes the calligraphy, that somehow..... 

Where my home is, (Czech national anthem) 

Where my home is. (Czech national anthem)

- So now I'm totally exhausted. 

-So let's wrap it up, because unfortunately I ... 

- Thank you. 

- You're welcome. 

I prepared two books, do you want me to sing them for you? 

- Sure!

Do I have everything? I think I don't...

If I just may have a look Mr. Professor, if I haven'T forgotten anything? 

I'd hardly surprise such a musician as you are. 

- No, it was okay. 

There's nothing, hte guys took everything 

- Thank you for that painting. 

- That's okay. 

Dude, I lived through this! 

Hey, was the guitar sound ok?

- Great. 

-That Knížák is a humble person, man. I wanted the scholars to be here I asked four of them, to give the ... to that wicked theory of color, to the wicked theory of abstract expression, to say something.about it. 

- And why didn't they show up?

- Because they fear him. 

- It's just so.... But everyone who meets you can's so transparent, that you take a technical term mix it up, you take a trivial piece of information and wrap it in a way so it looks scholarly. Man, you must know that you do that. You know yourself that the priciples are trivial, that everyone can understand them and you make a copyright...

- And what for example?

- Anything you tell me is quite simple. - But at the same time you're so skilled! But this paradox at the same time, you keep emphasising: Im someone from the mine, I'm really stupid, I throw manure... 

- I'm not saying I'm stupid. I'm just saying that I deal with things that are greater than my education. 

- No I'm getting at you just to find out who you are! I can say whatever I want. You just keep making up things and you keep feeding me that for three years... 

- No, Johnny, listen to me. One thing is clear. You came to me and asked me to make some documentary. Fourteen days after that I sent you a text in 125 pages in which I explained it to you, and you didn't read it!

- I did.

- I asked you if you had read it and you said you did so you must have understood it. 

So Luboš look at me and put your hand to your heart and tell me. When I told Johnny about Zmijovka, I told him - and I knew he knew - that he is fictitious.  

Luboš! You've been playing me telling me things that don't exist, and then you admit to have lied, but you actually keep lying...

- I said it just regarding Zmijovka. But I explained you that it is a part of my being. You're making a documentary, Honza...

...but you can't...

- You are making a documentary about the layers of a human being. I'm not lying! - You are making a documentary about the layers of a human being. But you relate it to yourself, that documentary. You... ME.... you size me somehow. You are making that documentary. You size me Honza. And I'm saying that you are sizing me meaning that you're asking my colleague in the shaft if there is a library in the shaft, and he tells you that he doesn't know simply because he had never been there!  

When you work on a shaft and... and you go pretty deep... when you work on a shaft and you want to study painting and art and they send you to a shaft give you a shovel and you work there alone one, two days, you work ther one week, one month, you work there half a year, one year and then you go crazy Honza.  

So you create yourself a colleague. And you talk to him. You get to the wall you say "Hi" and he goes "Hi" And you dig and talk with him. And people keep emerging. And I...I'm not saying, that I don't know Zmijovka, but the phenomenon that you create, he walks with you. And you learn to perceive that phenomenon. You go somewhere and he tells you something. - And you come and ask him what it is. 

It is not psycho! It is a kind of a spiritual dimension that I've created. And I made him up in the shaft. 

And I'm interested that you're dealing with me. And the result that I'm talking with you -- I really don't speak to anyone else -- the thing is Honza, that the time we've known each other we've been growing somehow. I don't know if you but I'm growing somehow. I want to reach at something, maybe. Do you understand me? So it helps me. 

What I've written was written when I got to know you. What I wrote about Zmijovka, was after I had read your texts on the internet... 

- But you said you'd been writing it for years...!

-Yes, you just write something in the meaning that it is a sandwich-like thing what I wrote. It applies to more areas. But some of it I had had written fifteen years my head. 

And where was that Zmijovka when you met him. 

- And Zmijovka man, you see those trees, here exactly on the opposite side there was a church and there is.... the ruins of the church. So he was sitting on the ruins of the church. 

- You said that he told you four things and you will gradually reveal them. 

- No no no no, no. Yes, but they are... But time is not ripe right now, dude. He probably must have been kind of a mountain ghost, you know?  

Well, I told you about that wisdom -- not the wisdom, it's a terrible word -- but about, I've already told you about that one: to observe the world. And look somewhere, where you wouldn't normally look. When you stop behind and see that tree in the mist and say to your mind man: Thank you that you stopped me, it is really beautifull, that tree. That it is there, you know? And it is enough if once in your life you head leads you somewhere and shows something to you . And it influences you for the whole life. So Zmijovka was that case.

So this is one of those wisdoms. So if you encounter something here in that style, I'll tell you the other!

- It's our father!

- He puts there the atomic bomb again. 

- Hey can you film more?

- Luboš, come on, fuck man!

- Cool down man. 

- Don't be shy, man!

- Take it and put it away and let it be. 

- But why, Luboš?

- It's crap. 

- But what crap. In what sense?

Leave it alone. 

No, no, no, man!

- I must hear it. Luboš! Luboš!

- Fuck it, Šípek man. I'm saying it in a nice way so far. Fuck, take it and go away, man!

- But why, Luboš?

Take it and go away! Forgive me, but it's just shit

In what sense?

- It's crap.

- But why?

- It's crap.

- But in what sense?

- Nothing, it's a crap.

Luboš, fuck, man. 

Lubo, what are you doing, 

- Go, Šípek, really. It's just shit, I just can't, man, if I could I'd break it over your head. 

- But why, you didn't even see it. 

- No, Šípek, it enough I see the other two, just go Šipek, please, man. 

- I think that in that film... 

- But it's crap.  

So let me finish the sentence for fuck's sake. 

- Man I'm telling you nicely that it is at the least toxic ugly shit, what you say in there, you get it. 

- So tell Vašek here that he's talking bullshit. - Tell him!

- But he's a human being! He is a human being, you get it? He can think whatever he wants. 

- It's okay,that's what we think. 

- So it's what you think, man. He's not saying that to me, man, he'saying it to the camera 

- I only wanted to say that I think....

- But there are intimate things and things that have to do with the pride of the man. Intimate, due. You can't touch that, dude. 

- I just wanted to tell you... 

- Man you're making a big mistake Šípek, man. I told you when we were at Knižák's that you're like a snooper. And you're a snooper, dude. 

-I'm not a snooper, why would I be. 

-I'm just telling you, man, I've experienced many things, man, and I haven't gotten so mad at anyone as with you, dude. - Really! 

- Luboš, you didn't see your part!

- I can tell you that I take a man and throw him out of the window when he really gets on my nerves, man. 

- Vašek was with me.... and I was telling to myself that maybe.... and I maybe wouldn't admit it.... that he is.... one of my closest people. 

There was a bumblebee lying on the road... Vašek took a grass leaf and put it out of the way....and said.... you see? I did a good turn...I saved it's life 

Závěrečné titulky, píseň:

Sbohem galánečko, 

já už musím jíti, 

Sbohem galánečko, 

já už musím jíti,

sosal bych vínečko,

sosal bych vínečko,

můj pager však svítí. 

Displej na mne bliká, 

z práce mne volají, 

Displej na mne bliká, 

z práce mne volají,

buďto spadly Windows,

buďto spadly Windows,

nebo je síť v háji.