Janota, Oldrich
( www.hudba.cx )

a genious singer and songwriter of Czech musical scene of 70's and 80's. With "Mozart K" band (with characteristical sound of harmonium) he played a hard depressive music that might be a good inspiration for Tom Waits as well as Depeche Mode, should they have known him. At the same time, he had a more fragile side, singing magical music & lyrics just with a guitar. Though master recordings exist from Bratislava Radio from that time, it has never been released. Finally in 2000, some live recordings from that time were released as an inlay (CD #6) of "Stereo & Video"magazine. In mid-80's Janota radically changes the style, experiments with minimal & ambient music which is still very interesting but never so impressive as what he has done back in 80's.


1. Oldrich Janota (LP Panton 1990, extended reissue CD & MC Zona/Bonton 1996 as "Mezi vlnami") ***+
2. Neviditelne veci (Panton 1990, partly identical with LP #1.) ***+
3. Jina rychlost casu (Janota, Fidler, Belik, Hanzlikova, Novak): Hvezdna mapa (Indies 1993) ***
4. Zlute (Zona1994)
5. Sesite (CD Indies 1996) ****
6. Podzimni kral (CD Stereo a Video, 2000) ****
7. High Fidelity (Janota,Fidler,Richter, 2CD Indies 2000) ****


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