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The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, much better than the most powerful computer. Still we don't know a lot about it. What if such a complicated machine breaks down? When the brain is damaged, we can suddenly lose all the memories and skills accumulated in our entire life. Victim may suddenly have a problem with a completely automated tasks such as alternating legs while walking, recognition of tastes or tying shoelaces. You need to re-learn everything. At the same time we realise the complexity of this organ. And it's much more interesting when the brain damage occurs to a neurosurgeon who suddenly can empathize with the feelings of his patients and understands what exactly is going on in his head, even though the brain is still not fully recovered. Or if the teacher tries to learn the basic arithmetic afther the stroke and suddenly understands exactly what made her pupils problems. Despite the fact that the disorder left a trail of and their life will not be just like before, all the protagonists try to look for something positive. The essential support of loved ones greatly facilitates the return to normal life.

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About the film

Appearing: MUDr. Václav Lukáš, Veronika Marečková, René Lintymer, Stanislava Zemanová, Jaroslav Zeman, Veronika Zvolská
Director of photography: Adam Oľha
Sound and mix: Veronika Bartošová
Music: Petr Váně
Script editor: Dušan Mulíček
Executive production: Kateřina Zavadilová
Editting: Kateřina Krutská - Vrbová
Story: Alexandra Gojdičová a Barbora Námerová
Script and direction: Honza Šípek

26 minut, color, stereo, HDV
language: czech
original title: Porucha

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