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This article was written for the  Summer 2002  issue of the  Toronto Dowsers  newsletter


In the last newsletter:  JUNE 2002  I wrote a little about Mark Hazlewood and his book "Blindsided" which talks about Planet X.  Since that time I've been getting dozens of queries about Planet X so the easiest and best thing to do was to give an update here. Yes. Everyone has been asking about it.

I also had a long lunch with Mark at the end of May and he said that for some reason he felt compelled to share with me information that is not in his book and he doesn't give out in his talks --- because the majority of those audiences can not appreciate the information.

When I first heard about Planet X I did not want to believe it --- had been through the Earth Changes, had been through Y2K.  "Please, not again."  It's the most unreal thing.  It's more unreal than the bombing of the World Trade Center.  But what I'm hearing from you, from others, from people at ASD, show me that this scenario has considerable potential.  I think that hearing about the Earth Changes and Y2K have been preparing us, mentally and practically for this possibility.

At the ASD (American Society of Dowsers) convention in Vermont, this June, attended by 689 people,  I went to Cathy Sweet's presentation.  Cathy is always one of my top 3 favorites as she presents on multidisciplinary levels.  You can tell she is fascinating because all of the other speakers come to hear her as she is a true Master. One of the items she told us about was a woman who flew to see her to find out some information from Cathy.  What came out was a humongous cosmic event that is to take place May 2003.  In this room of 100 rapt listeners I inquired if this referenced event is the arrival of "Planet X" in May 2003.  Cathy had not heard of it and I gave a brief synopsis.  Most of the attendees at ASD had not heard about Planet X.  However, after that session, I made it a point to ask every person I knew there who had some psychic ability.  Each one knew about the event and their intuition and dowsing told them -- and me --- that this is a very likely event.  Anticipating this event is beyond my imagination.

I've had many conversations about this with people.  The dowsing, intuition, discussions, "feelings" do point to this event --- or something very similar --- taking place.

To review:
Niburu, Planet X, or 32 other names, is described as a planet, or a brown dwarf, larger than Jupiter, which is part of our Solar System.  It's elliptical orbit is so large it passes by Earth every 3660 years.  It's next pass will be May 2003.  Whenever this takes place, significant geological changes occur on Planet Earth.

Planet X's passage next year could be the greatest change to our planet since Noah's Ark.  Supposedly, Planet X will enter the Earth's orbit between May 15 and May 30 of 2003. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple high magnitude earthquakes, there will be tremendous floods.  During the following 6 months volcanic ash will cover the Earth. Subsequently, Earth's population will be reduced. This may well be one reason for all the underground shelters being constructed through out the United States and the rest of the world.  By keeping this story out of the major media it will delay the collapse of the world economy, stock markets and real estate prices.

Mark is just one ordinary person who had heard about PX some time ago, researched it via scientific sources, legends, prophecy and channeling sources and they all say the same thing.  The changes on this planet in the last 10 years, the weird weather, the changing of the size and the gravity of the planets may be attributed to the arrival of "X".

Mark says the passing, and the violent reactions on the planet will take an hour.  Others say it will go on for days.  What is meant by this is 200 mph winds. It can take months or years to recover from this.  People are preparing, especially for the 200 mph winds that are expected to take place during its closest passage.

Remember all the prophecies of 2012?  This is really supposed to mean 2003.  Read the book to find out why.

What does one do?  Prepare.  Plan to be away from coastal areas at this time, including away from lakes and rivers.  Stay on high ground.  Not in the high high mountains, but in rolling hills.  A dome home is one of the best structures to be in at this time. They can withstand the wind.  Find a place to be in during the passing, a place to be in afterwards.  Stock up on food, on water, supplies.  Toilet paper. Don't expect anything run by electricity or batteries to work.  The end of the summer is a good time to get sales on camping supplies.  Buy your most expensive and/or hard to get supplies by the end of September.  People in governments have been preparing for this for decades.  Connect with others who have important skills you lack --- and I don't mean computer programmers or financial planners.

Get your eyeglasses this summer,  get your dental work finished.  Begin eating less, eating more simply.  Your body functions better when you eat less. Sunflower seeds are excellent because if you sprout them for 3 days they are complete proteins and have a very high life force.  Sprouts and seaweeds have the highest life force.  Meditate, go within, spend quiet time with yourself.  Get used to it.  It doesn't have to be bad.  But it will be different.

Mark says that what natives used to do is dig a trench, lie down in it, cover oneself with brush and wait for it to blow over.

What would you do if you and all your ancestors for generations lived in, say Ecuador --- that was all you had ever known --- and you were told that in a year from now you would all be transported to a place called Antarctica where it is freezing and white with ice and snow and dark 6 months of the year?  You'd probably fear you were going to die. Because it would be the "unknown".   We know it doesn't have to be that way because we know how to handle cold.  Some of us actually enjoy it. We have difficulty adapting, but once we start, we can do it. The hardest thing for a human being to do is to change a habit.  This is not necessarily bad, its just different.

This information is being HEAVILY suppressed.  Mark's website is continually hacked.  It's difficult to obtain his books.  There are continual attempts to discredit Mark.  Observatories, large telescopes are less available, false reports are being disseminated to the public, even from NASA.  Look for more reports on large asteroids passing close to earth, and missing it, as attempts to disinform you.

Planet X is difficult to see right now as it is in front of the sun.  We will know more about PX around October as it moves away from its position and will be more obvious to home telescopes and perhaps even the naked eye. Difficulties are expected in financial markets and in society as this situation becomes apparent and we pass through the stage of denial.

Safe places?  Northern Alberta, Ontario north of Barrie.  Mark (who is from California and Florida) says that on the entire planet, Canada will be THE safest country to be in. (especially if you are at altitude 700' or higher, not within 50 miles of a coast of any large body of water, not in the Rockies and can survive the passing).  A lot of people in the Toronto area that I am speaking with are being drawn to land North of and around Algonquin Park.  Mark is relocating to Northeast Arizona.  I saw Gordon Michael-Scallion's brand new map this week and it dovetails with what Mark is saying.

Here are some web sites (sorry, you have to cut and paste) recommended by Mark:  -   Mark's main site   -   the overview -  how many days are left  (331 days as of July 6)  -  good links

Channeled information:  -  Although not complimentary to Mark, he says they are accurate  -  From psychic Lori Toye's site.  Mark says she is the best.  If you read the links on her site you can figure out the safe places.  This is related to the Ascended Masters.  If you have studied their teachings this will be familiar to you (I have much St. Germain material from when I went to the "I AM" meetings).  -  numerous references for preparedness

On Dome homes --- Some prices are high, you can build a dome home from the first 2 links here for under $1,000 US:

To subscribe to Mark's own email list send an email to:

This is what Mark told me:  This is the last time we have to go through this, the last time earth is going to go through this.  "All" we have to do is to outlast the passing.  We are getting a lot of strong help from those on the other side.  After the passing, when we reach a certain dynamic mass, those of us who have been doing the "right work" will ascend to the next, to the fourth dimension.  Perhaps to the fifth.  We will be able to go back and forth between dimensions.  Until that happens, we will be here on earth, in this dimension with those who seek to control.  Mark says not to worry about them.  They will be so power hungry trying to control one another they will exterminate one another.

What will make the difference in how much time passes if --- or when --- we go to the next level --- is the vast majority of people --- those who are undecided.  They are the ones who need to make a choice as to which side they want to be on.  The sooner they choose the light, the sooner we move to the next level.  I think that THIS is the reason I was brought to take a look at this situation and am bringing this out.  To help alert more people to this possibility.  Should this scenario be taking place, my job --- our job --- is to let as many people know as soon as possible so we can get things over with quickly to move to the higher plane.  We are getting a lot of good help from the other side and this help will increase as we get closer to the time of the passing.

One of the reasons for 9.11:  The plan of the NWO is not proceeding as quickly nor as smoothly as they hoped.  They must have more people on their side before Planet X comes by, for their agenda.  They could not do what they wanted to do January 1, 2000.  With 9.11, if they create the atmosphere of fear that they hope to create, i.e., where people become so afraid they will seek "protection" from government, surrendering their freedoms, this can then lead to the micro chipping that the NWO is trying so hard to put forth --- not only with voluntary microchipping but also in vaccines (another reason for the big push on the "free" flu vaccines, inoculating new borns with Hepatitis B vaccines, et cetera.)

They need to have more people under their control before Planet X passes by. It's not happening.  So they are stepping up the violence, craziness, etc.  The people in the NWO are afraid, because they are failing their masters (non beneficial beings on the other side) and are not having the control over us they have been told they must obtain.  If they do fail their masters, they are in for some significant pain, for a lonnggg time.

Desperate people resort to desperate measures.  And they make mistakes.  People see these kinds of mistakes and the whole thing begins to unravel.  This is good.

I've heard reports from some people, including Cathy Sweet, who have been having visions of the (far) future of the earth.  It is not pretty. The earth will be a barren, bare, desolate place.  From what I heard from Mark, my own interpretation of this is that what the visions show is earth in the 3rd dimension, but we will pass through it and move beyond it and we will be on a different dimension of earth.  Can we do anything about it?  Maybe.  Ask.  Your. Guides.   Don't ask your government.  They will give you the same answer on this topic as they do on the chemtrails.

In the meantime, use your skills to sense what is the probability of this happening.  If so, prepare, get rid of junk, get back to basics.  Perhaps Earth Changes and Y2K were created to help us become aware and prepare.  A part of me wants this because there is so much that needs to be changed that seems too entrenched.  Much in our societies needs a good shaking out but is impossible to change even if there were violence (which we don't want).   And in thinking of what I will miss creates deep gratitude for what I have now.  Like turning on a tap and having (relatively) clean water pour out, as much as I want.  Even traffic jams!   And this could be a reason why there is such an interest in dowsing.  Like caterpillars who are very fat in the fall indicating a cold winter coming up, this instinctive desire to learn dowsing for many of us can be a harbinger of a need for water finders in our future.

We are getting help, on a large scale.  But first we have to start by helping ourselves.  If we go even 10%, they will help us go the other 90%.  We are not alone.

It's hard to imagine, yes?  I can barely conceive of what snow feels like, here in July.  We can talk about it, if you like, at the Field Day, July 27th.  How do I feel about it?  Fine.  It feels that everything is working out and will work out.  Right now I'm buying whatever I want.

If you would like to purchase "Blindsided", by Mark Hazlewood:
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In the US, call:  (361) 293-7698
(PLEASE NOTE:   At the CANADA number, only, you can also find books from David Icke, Barry Chamish, etc.).   ALSO,  if you are in my group and don't get a call back in a few days, please let me know.  THANK YOU!