WHERE POSSIBLE, the Editor has taken every opportunity to find the original Sumerian or Akkadian translation of a given Greek charm of conjuration. These will be given here. Also, the reader will find English translations of the Sumerian charms as they are given in the NECRONOMICON. Not al of the charms are available this way, and sometimes we have had to make do with near misses. Much of what is found here has come from the Maklu text, of which the only extant translation is in the German of Tallqvist ("Die Assyrische Beschworungsserie Maqlu nach dem originalen im British Museum Herausgegeben" Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae, Tomm. XX, No. 6, Helsingforsiae mdcccxcv). The word "maklu" or "maqlu" itself is controversial, but Tallqvist seems to think that it does, indeed, mean "burning"; especially so as the incantations to be found therein invariably entail burning something, usually a doll made in the likeness of a witch or evil sorcerer that the magician wished to dispose of. Hence, we have here probably the archetype of the Great Burning Times of the Inquisition, when people were condemned to a fiery death as Witches and Pagans. The chant "burn, witch! burn!" can be found in the Maklu text, in all its pristine glory. Indeed, Cthulhu Calls.

The Conjuration "The Binding of the Evil Sorcerers"

Alsi ku nushi ilani mushiti
Itti kunu alsi mushitum kallatum kuttumtum
Alsi bararitum qablitum u namaritum
Ashshu kashshaptu u kashshipanni
Eli nitum ubbiraanni
Ili-ia u Ishtari-ia ushis-su-u-eli-ia
Eli ameri-ia amru-usanaku
Imdikula salalu musha u urra
Qu-u imtana-allu-u pi-ia
Upu unti pi-ia iprusu
Me mashtiti-ia umattu-u
Eli li nubu-u xiduti si-ipdi
Izizanimma ilani rabuti shima-a dababi
Dini dina alakti limda
Epu-ush salam kashshapi-ia u kashshapti-ia
Sha epishia u mushtepishti-ia
Is mass-ssarati sha mushi lipshuru ruxisha limnuti
Pisha lu-u ZAL.LU Lishanusha Lu-u Tabtu
Sha iqbu-u amat limutti-ia kima ZAL.LU litta-tuk
Sha ipushu kishpi kima Tabti lishxarmit
qi-ishrusha pu-uttu-ru ipshetusha xulluqu
Kal amatusha malla-a sseri
Ina qibit iqbu-u ilani mushitum.

The Conjuration "XILQA XILQA BESA BESA" or "A Most Excellent Charm Against the Hordes of Demons" etc.

Arise! Arise! Go far away! Go far away!
Be shamed! Be shamed! Flee! Flee!
Turn around, go, arise and go far away!
Your wickedness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
Arise and leave my body!
From my body, depart in shame!
From my body flee!
Turn away from my body!
Go away from my body!
Do not return to my body!
Do no come near my body!
Do not approach my body!
Do not throng around my body!
Be commanded by Shammash the Mighty!
Be commanded by Enki, Lord of All!
Be commanded by Marduk, the Great Magician of the Gods!
Be commanded by the God of Fire, your Destroyer!
May you be held back from my body!

"Another Binding of the Sorcerers"

Ssalmani-ia ana pagri tapqida duppira
Ssalmani-ia ana pagri taxira duppira
Ssalmani-ia iti pagri tushni-illa duppira
Ssalmani ini ishdi pagri tushni-illa duppira
Ssalmani-ia qimax pagri taqbira duppira
Ssalmani-ia ana qulqullati tapqida duppira
Ssalmani-ia ina igari tapxa-a duppira
Ssalmani-ia ina askuppati Tushni-illa duppira
Ssalmani-ia ina bi'sha duri tapxa-a duppira
Ssalmani-ia ana GISHBAR tapqida duppira

The Conjuration of the Mountains of MASHU"

May the mountain overpower you!
May the mountain hold you back!
May the mountain conquer you!
May the mountain frighten you!
May the mountain shake you to the core!
May the mountain hold you in check!
May the mountain subject you!
May the mountain cover you!
May the mighty mountain fall on you,
May you be held back from my body!

(Note: the original translator had noted the resemblance between the Greek word for Lors, kurios, and the Sumerian word for mountain, kur, and for a type of underworld, chthoic, monster which is also called kur and which refers to the Leviathan of the Old Testament. Also, in this particular conjuration, the word for mountain is shadu - shaddai ? The Old Serpent KUR is, of course, invoked every day by the Christians: Kyrie Eleison!)