property name; click to un/fold, doubleclick to show the full path
property value types:
  • object (click to inspect)
  • (null) object
  • string
  • number
  • boolean
  • function; IE consideres them as objects, source of native ones cannot be retrieved (?).
  • undefined; IE returns that sometimes
  • error retrieving even typeof(property); I am unable to catch security errors, so watch your console.


  1. Every item have its full path in its title (mouse-cursor-hint).
  2. Root nodename is editable; (change) it to any path you have inspected to limit your scope.
  3. This will also make a "hardlink" of that scope (via URL#hash). eg: #document, #window, #defaultView, #window.Components.interfaces, …


  1. Why is it clickable? Why don't you just recursively walk trough given object and list all what you find?
    This would cause recursion overflow (eventually DoS your browser, if it does not have any recursion limit), because of objects that are inherited / referrenced (?) and thus infinite loops. So "human-click-based interface" is IMO the best (and for me the only) way.

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