Messages, Sounds & Feelings

~ Level Messages ~

You will get level messages to let you know that you have just arrived at either a special level, or there is something special on the level. These will only occur once.

You feel excited
There's a monster nest on the level. This nest contains many monsters (of same type or different). They are often more powerful than usual for that level.

You feel really excited
There's a monster vault on the level. This room often takes up half the level. It has incredibly powerful creatures and usually an artifact or two.

You feel a surge of power
There is an artifact on the level. It's usually guarded by a named (and powerful) guardian.

You shudder
There is a trap room on the level. This room is full of traps. Be very careful.

The air of this level is filled with a strange smell
The Si is on this level. It's a special artifact. It's always on a trap.

You feel an intese tension
This is the Bunny Level.

This level somehow seems to be removed from the rest of the world
This is where you find the Cat Lord.

You go down the staircase...the stairs are very long!!!
The game is taking longer than normal to generate a level. Basically a "Loading..." message.

You feel like you did something very stupid.
You left an artifact in the Infinite Dungeon, and left the level. The artifact is now gone.

~ Special Level Noises ~

These are sounds and feelings you get when there are special things on the level.

You sense a certain tension
There's a monster pit on the level. This contains a bunch of creatures you'd normally find on the level.

You feel a pious aura
There's an altar on the level.

You hear the wind howling
There's a forge on the level.

You hear someone counting money or You hear someone cursing shoplifters or You hear the clinking of coins or You hear the chime of a bell
There's a shop on the level.

You hear splashing sounds
There's a pool on the level.

You hear the ecstatic cries of a large crowd!
You only hear this while on the Arena level.

You sense immenent danger...
A creature not of this level was created, or the overall difficulty of the level was raised.

You sense immenent danger... but the feeling passes
The above was attempted, but the roll failed, so nothing changed.

~ Monster Messages ~

You get these messages when specific monsters are on the level, or a monster has activated a trap or used an ability. You don't usually get the messages if you can see the monster.

You hear a distant "Hurumph!"
There's a Dorn Beast on the level.

You hear a "Thumb"
Footsteps of a Titan or a Greater Moloch echoing down the corridors.

You hear the clicking of many small feet!
There's an ant hole on the level.

You hear clicking sounds!
An ant climbed out of the hole.

You hear an evil hissing and something large crawling about the ground!!!
The queen ant left the hole.

You hear buzzing sounds
There's a bee hive on the level. A bee left the hive.

You sense strange vibrations
You killed a hive monster, the rest of the hive is hostile.

You notice a slurping sound in the distance
A web was made.

You hear a ripping sound
Something tore through a web.

You hear a pained high-pitched screech in the distance or You hear a painful bark in the distance or You hear a painful hiss in the distance
A monster was hit by a spear or arrow trap.

You hear the sound of rushing water
Something activated a water trap.

You hear a strange "ZAP!"
Something set of a light trap.

You hear a popping sound
A monster duplicated itself.

You hear a burping sound
A monster spawned another.

You hear a grinding sound in the distance
Something tunneled through rock.

You hear a thudding sound
Something was hit by a falling rock trap.

You hear the sound of toppling stones
Something activated the crumbling walls around a monster pit.

You suddenly feel dizzy
Something tried to teleport to your location.

~ Intrinsics and Stat Changes ~

These are messages you get when you gain OR lose intrinsics or stats.

Fire Resistance(3 levels of it)
1) This cools you down, 2) You feel really hot, 3) You feel like there's a flame in your stomach burning brightly!
You sweat

Poison Resistance
Your throat is rough and your stomach burns ~or~ Your digestion calms down
Your stomach stings painfully

Cold Resistance
You feel hot-headed
You shiver

Acid Resistance
You swallow hard
You taste bitter bile in your mouth

You feel lucky
You feel cheated

Fate smiles upon you
You feel very lucky
You feel very bad off

You sense trouble
You feel relieved

You feel depressive ~or~ You feel very, very bad
You feel elated

Sleep Resistance
You feel totally awake
You feel tired

Petrification Resistance
You feel flexible
You feel gnarly ~or~ You feel inflexible

Able to teleport
You feel jumpy
You feel steady

Able to control teleportation
You feel very controlled ~or~ You suddenly feel like jumping around
You suddenly hate the thought of jumping around

Stun Resistance
You feel steady ~or~ You feel very controlled (only from pools)
You feel shaken

Paralysis Resistance
You are moverd by the sheer pleasure of this sip of fluid

Resistant to death rays
You feel bold at the thought of danger
You feel like an endangered species

Shock resistance
You hear a voice calling you "Iceberg"
You feel shocked

You are gone ~or~ You feel on air ~or~ You feel dizzy for some seconds
Your outfit suddenly looks much cleaner

See invisible
You eyes tingle for a second
Your eyes sting for a second

Your muscles feel stronger
Your muscles soften

You feel studious
Thinking seems to get tougher

Your health increases

Your movements are getting swifter
You are getting shaky

Your will seems inflexible
You feel soft hearted

You feel reserved

Your looks improve
You are growing a wart

You feel more in touch with the world
You are getting out of touch with everything

Your senses sharpen
You seem to get less perceptive

~ Godly Gifts ~

These are the messages you get when you are crowned by your god. This lets you know what immunity you are given.

Fire Immunity
You no longer fear all the fire of Hell

Acid Immunity
You look forward to being digested by the chaos gods themselves

Cold Immunity
You feel prepared for the most chilling tasks

Shock Immunity
You feel that neither thunder nor lightning will be able to prevent the success of your mission