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(Hint-through) Terinyo
(Hint-through) Lawenilothehl
(Hint-through) Village Dungeon
(Hint-through) Druid Dungeon
(Hint-through) Infinite Dungeon
(Hint-through) Dwarven Cemetary
(Hint-through) Caverns of Chaos
(Hint-through) The Hut of the Mad Minstrel
(Hint-through) The Sinister Library of Niltrias
(Hint-through) The Tower of Eternal Flames
(Hint-through) To DarkForge
(Hint-through) Peaceful Glade
(Hint-through) The Pyramid
(Hint-through) Dusty caves
(Hint-through) Tunnel
(Hint-through) Swimming
(Hint-through) The Magic Circle
(Hint-through) The Great Rift
(Hint-through) The Quickling Tree
(Hint-through) The Tomb of the High Kings
(Hint-through) Very dark Dungeon
(Hint-through) A mountain exit
(Hint-through) A lush glade
(Hint-through) The Small Cave
(Hint-through) A Cave in the Pass
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